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5 Whole Family Christmas Gift Ideas

Deepa Kartha Dec 18, 2018
Christmas is a time of giving, spending time with those we love, and polishing our inner selves. It is a celebration of new beginnings, where love is thick in the air, and the gifts are laid out for the taking.
Picking out a gift, no matter what the occasion, is a daunting task. Not only do you have to choose from a ton of options, but also have to hope that the receiver will love what you pick out.
While they say that it is the thought that counts, you still have to be realistic about your gift choices. For those in a fix and wondering how to select a gift for the entire family, fret not, because there are numerous reasonable and memorable gifts for you to lay your hands on.
If the Black Friday sales didn't help you out already in the gift department, these suggestions will be a lifesaver. Just get it as soon as possible, since Christmas is just around the bend. With the way time flies, you don't want to further delay the gift-buying. So let's take a look at what you can select for the whole family, when it comes to gifts.

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

Lomography Camera

If you've ever owned a Lomography camera, you'll know just how precious this little gadget is. With little modern tweaks done to the camera's look, it still stays true to its retro self.
The images have the same old-school effect, with a beautiful color contrast that brings photographs to life. There is a wide range of beautiful cameras. Pick one for the entire family. I suggest going with the classic Diana Mini Series.

A Pet

Has the family been wanting a pet but you've been a little rigid about the idea? Surprise them by opening your heart (and your home) to a new family addition. If you're not a cat or dog person, trust us, you'll fall in love with them in no time.
All it takes is a little patience and love. Choose a decorative gift box topped with a large festive ribbon, and then stand back to enjoy the gleeful reactions from your family.

Gift Basket

Gift baskets are the craze this festive season. There's nothing like bottled wine, luxurious chocolate, foreign cheese, and other treats as part of your go-to options.
You can have gift baskets for kids with candies, cookies, and cartoon goodies. If you want to try baking and putting treats together yourself, make sure you have all the ingredients you need, along with a trusted recipe book. Buy gift boxes, decorative crafts, and colorful ribbons, to create your own goody packages.

Family Vacation

Vacation - the one thing we wait for at the end of a tiring, long year. Choose holiday packages that come with great discounts and perks. If the whole family is going along, choose a vacation spot with pleasant weather.
You can check out websites for last minute deals. You can always schedule a trip for later for your grandparents/parents, or even for yourself if you want to reconnect with your partner with a private getaway.

Customized Photo Album

How about compiling an album that has a bundle of memories bound as one? You could create a vintage-like feel and look of the album, giving it a worn appearance that goes with the old photographs tucked into it.
Gather photographs that date back to as far as when your grandparents/parents were around, or when you and your partner were kids. It gives your children a great collection of photographs that they can carry with them wherever they go.
While the choices are endless, you may not have enough time to put it all together in time for Christmas. Be sure to ask someone for help if you're stressed about doing this on your own, where a close colleague or friend will be happy to make things easier.
Don't forget to include a small card with the receiver's name on the top of your gift-wrapped boxes - even if everyone's getting the same gift, a little addition of this sort is appropriate.