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Wreath Decorating Ideas

Parun Pereira Dec 12, 2018
A wreath is an arrangement of flowers and leaves formed around a circular ring that can be used for decorative purposes. The beautiful dainty appearance of wreaths has made it a popular decoration for all occasions. The following wreath decorating ideas will be helpful to you.
Wreaths are commonly used for festive occasions and also form an integral part of memorial services. Made from twigs and leaves of evergreen trees, they symbolize the strength of life.
In many parts of the world, pine and fir are used to make decorative wreaths. In ancient times, women in Rome wore simple wreaths as a headdress to adorn their heads.
Even today at weddings, brides wear wreaths to symbolize eternity. All over the world, wreaths are commonly used as a part of Christmas decorations, and are hung on the doors of Christians signifying their undying love for Jesus Christ.
Different ornaments and colorful flowers can be used to decorate wreaths which form a formidable part of all occasions.

Decorative Wreaths

Decorative wreaths are used for various occasions and can be decorated with a range of ornaments and accessories. You have the option of buying artificial wreaths that are available in the market or you can make one from fresh leaves at home.
If you plan to make one at home, you can start off by taking a slightly thick craft wire and giving it a circular shape. Once that's done, wrap the wire with colorful thread to form the base.
After the base is prepared, interweave the firs or branches of your choice around the circular ring and repeat the procedure till you achieve the desired thickness. Add glitter to give the bushy green wreath a shine and add the ornaments in accordance with the occasion.

Wedding Wreaths

Although most of the wreaths on the walls of a church are made using white satin, lavender colored wreaths are becoming increasingly popular.
You can decorate these satin wreaths with a little detailed embroidery and add hearts made of the same material and color. The use of sober colors always goes well with the interiors of a church. 
For the wedding wreath, you can embellish it by adding an assortment of lilacs, burgundy colored roses, ferns and tulips with a small amount of blue hydrangea to accentuate the borders.
Avoid using contrasting colors to decorate wreaths. Although a ribbon forming a bow in not required, it is commonly used the world over.

Christmas Wreaths

These wreaths add to the glitz and glamor to the festive spirit during Christmas time and are used to adorn walls, doors, Christmas trees and churches. The green hues of wreaths are colorfully accented in the backdrop of decorations of gold, red and blue.
You can either decorate artificial wreaths that are available in the market or make it using firs and pines. For wreaths to be hung on the doors of your homes, pin up miniature statues or impressions of Santa Claus along with small silver bells. See to it that the wreath on your door does not have too many decorations which make it look outlandishly bland.
On the wreaths hung on walls, you can make bows with red ribbons. Make sure the width of the ribbon you choose to make the bow with is not too wide, as the bow formed will be shabby. You can accent the borders of these wreaths with little stars that sparkle.
You can also use a common theme decoration for a number of wreaths that can be put around the Christmas tree along with flicker lights. No matter where you place the wreath, avoid adding a number of accessories or ornaments which will end up making it look gaudy.

Some More Ideas

You can be a little creative and implement your own thoughts and ideas to decorate wreaths. A beautifully decorated wreath goes a long way in visually enhancing the decorations of any occasion.