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50th Anniversary Gifts for Friends

50th Anniversary Gifts for Friends
Any couple reaching its golden jubilee anniversary is indeed an occasion to be treasured. Read this CelebrationJoy article for some memorable gift ideas.
Aastha Dogra
A 50th wedding anniversary is a very special occasion for any couple, after all, how many do actually get to celebrate it? So, if you are friends of a couple who have achieved this rarity in today's times, it calls for some celebration and unique gifts for the couple! Let's get to know how you can make your friends' day all the more unforgettable.
Golden Frames
Since a 50th anniversary is associated with the metal gold, one of the traditional gifts you can consider is a photo frame in gold. Take the help of some of the family members in getting their wedding photograph and to make it really special for the couple. Now, wouldn't they be overjoyed on receiving such a pleasant surprise!
Gift them a membership of a club or a spa or a library, depending upon their interests. This way they can enjoy your gift for many more months to come!
Roses and Cards
If you are looking forward to give a sentimental gift, give the couple a bunch of fifty yellow roses. Along with this, give them a card in which you express your heart-felt feelings and wishes. Such a sweet and thoughtful gesture will be much appreciated by your friends!
Concert Tickets
Gift them tickets for a concert. An opera show or a play which has been a success in the recent times would be a treat to watch for the couple. They are bound to enjoy this lovely outing.
Surprise Party
If the couple is really close to you and you want to make their anniversary special, then throw a surprise party for them. You can plan the party with the family and other friends of the couple. The theme can be "1960s to 1970s" - or a period when they were growing up. Invite friends of the couple that you can locate. Keep a dress code wherein everyone comes wearing the clothes that were popular during that era. The music at the party too should be in sync with the theme.
Household Items
You can even think of presenting them with some household utility items. Cutlery, coaster sets, China, decorative wall hanging, bed sheets, coffee maker, patio chairs, anything that the couple can use in the house and which can make their life more comfortable.
A Getaway
One of the best gifts is to send the couple on a second honeymoon! (Make sure beforehand that they have not already planned one). So send them away for a fun weekend or if you can afford, an entire week, at a seaside resort or to a cozy cabin in the woods. Holidays are always a welcome change especially if they are planned by people who are close to you!
A well-thought gift, no matter how small or big, holds a special place in the heart of the receiver. So whatever you choose in the end, make sure that you wrap it with all your love and best wishes!
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