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Choosing Your Online Florist

Choosing Your Online Florist

There are thousands of florists online and their pricing and service may vary widely. This article lists some tips to help you choose the best one.
Khushnuma Irani
Flowers are the best way to communicate any kind of emotion, from "I'm sorry" to "Thank you" and the ever-popular "I Love You". There are flowers for every occasion from birthdays to anniversaries, for Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving. The right flowers, color, and combination all matter while giving a bouquet to someone you love and care for.

Technology has taken over everything including flower delivery. All you have to do is select an online florist who will deliver for you. The question is, how do you know which virtual florist to hire?


There are thousands of florists online, and you need to be wary of the scammers and hire one that is worth the money spent.
  • Experience: Look for a florist that has experience in handling flowers and can give you advice on your selection. One with years of experience will be a good choice as they know exactly what flowers are apt, which ones will last longer, and they will know the aesthetics of blooms. They should be able to put together a good bouquet for you in no time.
  • Price: Look for the price that they are charging. If you find that the price is higher than what it should be, ask for a break-up in cost so that you know how much you are paying for the blooms and how much for the delivery. If you think you are being cheated, move on to the next florist.
  • Website: Choose one that has a decent website that allows you to communicate with other satisfied customers. This will help you to check their reputation. Check for customer testimonials and industry credentials on the website. If the virtual florist has received any online awards this adds to the credibility.
  • Delivery: Check for the kinds of delivery options they are offering. If they claim 'instant' delivery, do not be influenced by this or the claims for same-day delivery, unless it is a franchise that has many outlets in various cities. Check for delivery charges, if these seem over the top steer clear from these florists.
  • Payment Option: Check for the kind of payment options that are being offered. Most will allow for cash-on-delivery and credit card. While submitting your credit card details be careful to check for security on the web page, identity threat is a big deal these days and it can be avoided if proper care and caution is taken. If the website looks shady do not avail of their services.
  • Check for Middlemen: Try to avoid virtual florists that use too many middlemen as this will only add to your cost. This is because you are not only paying for the flowers and delivery but also for the middlemen.
While you may think that a virtual florist is the perfect solution for emergencies, like those occasions you forgot to order flowers for your wife on her birthday and have no time to go out and get a bouquet, beware of scams on the Internet.
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