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7 Ideas to Celebrate National Siblings Day

7 Ideas to Celebrate National Siblings Day

Celebrated on April 10th, Siblings Day can be a great opportunity to reconnect and spend time with your sibling if you haven't talked to him/her in ages. This CelebrationJoy article provides some great ideas that will help you spend a memorable day with your siblings.
Parul Solanki
"My siblings are my best friends."
―America Ferrera

She is more than a sister. She is your best friend, the one person who holds your hand and stands by you irrespective of the odds. She was your first playmate, and the one who shared the angst of parental discipline through those rough teenage years. If you have a brother or a sister, then you definitely know the bonding that siblings share. Even though all siblings argue and bicker about little things, the strong bond between brothers and sisters is probably the greatest sense of belonging that you can ever have. To celebrate this beautiful relationship, you can do something special for your sibling on National Siblings Day.

Celebrated on April 10th, National Siblings Day is a movement, sponsored by the Siblings Day Foundation. It allows siblings to celebrate and honor the special relationship that they share. It was started by Claudia Evart in honor of her two siblings, a brother and sister, whom she tragically lost.

If you too want to cherish, love, and respect your siblings, then this day is the perfect occasion to do so. Here are some great ideas to bond with your siblings and celebrate this special day.

Give Them a Call

You send your brother or sister an obligatory card and gift every Christmas, but how many times do you actually pick up the phone and call him/her? There was a time when you did everything together, from watching stupid TV shows to playing board games. However, as you moved on in life, the distance grew. Now, the only time you meet is during vacations, and the only conversations you have are polite and disinterested.

Communication plays a key role in maintaining relationships, and that applies to sibling relationships as well. Call your sibling on this special day and talk to him/her. Tell her how special she is for you.

Spend Time Together

Whether you feel like it or not, it is important to make time for each other. Spend time with each other, doing something that you enjoyed as siblings. This means more than making cameo appearances at weddings, Thanksgiving dinners, and graduations. You can plan some activities like a siblings-only picnic, playing cards, a girls night out, or going for a movie together. Showing your sibling that you are willing to put aside other things to spend time together can make her feel special. Moreover, it enhances your relationship in the long run.

Card and a Surprise Gift

Surprise your brother or sister with a card and a surprise gift. It does not have to be anything fancy or expensive. Gift your sibling anything that she likes and enjoys. Something like a recent book by her favorite author, or a DVD of the movie that she wanted to see is sure to be appreciated. Even simple balloons and flowers can be an extra-special surprise for your sibling.

Crafts for Siblings

Instead of store-bought presents, you can make some innovative handmade gifts for your brother or sister. This is a great idea for toddlers and younger kids who are learning craft at school. Make a beautiful photo frame or a graphic organizer, and put pictures of the best times that you had with your sibling.

Take your Sibling Out for Dinner

Do you and your sibling have a favorite restaurant? Then take her out for dinner on this special day. Instead of going out for dinner, you can also invite your sibling over for a casual barbecue in the backyard.

Play a Game of Sibling Trivia

No one knows you better than your brother or sister. If you are organizing a get-together with your siblings, then a game of sibling trivia sounds like great fun. You can talk all about your favorites, such as your favorite food, color, sport, etc., and your sibling will try to guess whether it is true or not.

Organize a Siblings-only Photo Shoot

Everyone should have great pictures with their brother or sister. Have a siblings photo shoot, and make it fun and crazy. Strike poses, wear crazy costumes, and just have fun. The sillier the pictures, the more you would be laughing years later. So, go ahead and capture your perfect keepsakes with your siblings.

Although National Siblings Day is not federally recognized like Mother's Day or Father's Day, it is the perfect day to celebrate one of the most important relationships in your life. So, go ahead and plan something special that you and your siblings would enjoy.