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Painted Pumpkin Faces

Painted Pumpkin Faces
With some simple painting skills you can create evil or fun looking painted pumpkin faces for Halloween. With some candles, twigs and small props you can make them look even more spooky!
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Did You Know?
They say if you wear your clothes inside out and walk backwards on Halloween, you get to see a witch at midnight!
Every year, people come up with various creative ideas to create Halloween decor. Pumpkins are an inseparable part of this tradition.

This year you can create mean painted pumpkin faces. All you need is a bit of inspiration and a bit of creativity.

Here are various pictures to inspire you, and useful tips and techniques that will help you out in the task of painting pumpkin faces.

Take your pick...

Painted pumpkins
The first thing you need to do is buy lots of small-sized pumpkins. Because, they are easy to handle, take little time to paint, need little paint for the job, and keep in shape for longer. Make sure you pick pumpkins which don't have any gashes or blemishes. And if you are picking up the pumpkins from a patch, then cut their vines with 2-3 inches of vine still attached to the stem of the pumpkin. This will help to keep the pumpkin preserved for longer. Then clean the pumpkins with rubbing alcohol, and use a dry rag to clean the pumpkins further. Make sure you don't let the alcohol touch the stem or blossom end.
Painted pumpkins on grass
Download different pumpkin smileys, from the Internet. Then get a print out of this. If you can't find pumpkin smileys on the Internet, then on the piece of paper, just draw some basic facial expressions. Smiling, crying, showing tongue, frowning, scowling, angry, evil, devil, or simply the Jack-o'-lantern design. If you want you can take inspiration from these pictures, and create your own designs. These are very easy to create expression and with simple lines you can get them. Then pick a couple of smileys, and start painting them on the pumpkin.
Smiling pumpkin
To keep it simple, just use a simple black acrylic painting shade on the pumpkin. With the black paint, carefully start drawing the facial features. For eyes you can use simple '6', or draw black big dots, or you can use big oval rings and then draw big dots inside it. Then use a solid round or a triangle for the nose. Then draw the lips, according to the expression and let it dry.
Painted pumpkins
If you have good painting/drawing skills, then why not display a little bit of your creative side? You can surf the Internet for some ideas, to see how people have done some detailed illustrations of face on the pumpkin. Select some cool ideas of faces, which you can paint on the pumpkin. You can paint Dracula, zombie, devil, cat face, evil joker, angry faces, blood dripping from mouth vampires, witches, evil skull drawings, celebs, etc. So, first decide which face you want to paint, and then draw a thumbnail on the paper and color it too.
Painted pumpkins
After drawing the thumbnail you can start painting on the pumpkin. If you don't want the natural base color of pumpkin which is orange, then paint it with two three coats of a base color, and let it dry. Then, start drawing the face which you have chosen. Start with eyes, then draw the mouth, then the nose and then add fine details like eyebrows, wrinkles, hair, etc. Make sure you always work in layers, and let every layer dry before painting the next layer. You can mix colors with black or white to create shades, so that you can add fine details to the face.
smiling pumpkin
Pumpkin with hat
Painted pumpkin
For simple face designs you can stick to one color. However, for detailed looking faces it is important you choose the right color and its shades. This will help to add depth and detail to the face and make it look more real. If you want you can practice painting the face on a piece of paper, before you paint it directly on the pumpkin.
Pumpkin painted
Painted pumpkin
Smiling Pumpkins
Old Painted Pumpkin
It is not necessary to use the front of the pumpkin to paint faces.Sometimes, you can use the top portion of the pumpkin to paint a face too. For example,  you can paint turkey on the top part of the pumpkin, and the stem can be used as the nose for the turkey. Similarly, you can paint a Pinocchio with a big nose.
Make sure you follow the above tips to preserve the pumpkin longer, also to avoid your pumpkins from freezing, get them indoors during the nighttime. So, gather some neat pumpkins and your painting supplies, and start painting some wicked pumpkin faces!
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