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Top 10 50th Anniversary Gifts

Top 10 50th Anniversary Gifts
Suggested below are some of the best 50th anniversary gifts, which any couple celebrating this joyous and emotional occasion would love to receive.
Aastha Dogra
50th wedding anniversary! Wow! It's a feat that is becoming more and more rare to achieve in today's world! If you know a couple who is celebrating 50 years of blissful togetherness, leave no stone unturned to tell them how special and unique they are. Scroll down for some amazing gift ideas, which will convey to the couple that they are indeed invaluable!
50 Gifts!
An interesting gift that you can give the couple is a gift basket in which 50, small sentimental gifts are placed, such as a photo frame which has the couple's photograph, two coffee mugs which have red hearts on them, a CD of love songs, some romantic film DVDs which released the same year the couple got married, etc. As this requires a lot of effort and can cost quite a bit, get in touch with some other friends or family members who are close to the couple, and give this gift together.
Married Again!
For those of you who are looking for gifts for parents, a unique idea to make their day special is to arrange for them to take their marriage vows again in the presence of close friends and family. So, arrange for the ceremony, complete with the aisle, groomsmen, bridesmaid, flowers, and a priest. After the couple reads out their wedding vows, the other people present too can read out some beautiful experiences they have had with your parents. This is one gift which your parents will never ever forget!
Yellow Roses!
Send the couple a large bouquet of yellow roses. Since yellow is the closest to golden, yellow flowers are the most appropriate for the occasion. Along with the flowers, send a card, which has some heart-felt messages written on it!
Fine Dine!
Send the couple on a romantic candlelight dinner to some specialty restaurant. So, book a table for two in a classy, upmarket restaurant, where the two of them can enjoy luxury; and at the same time reminisce the old times they have shared together!
Rejuvenating Massages!
Book a day for them at a spa. The couple can take massages there, and the therapy is sure to rejuvenate and refresh them. Book a day in advance, so that they look their best on the D day!
Happy Holidays!
A fun gift for husband is to arrange for a holiday to a place that he always wanted to visit. The wife can keep it a secret and surprise the husband with the choice of destination. Your husband would be thrilled when he learns that you care enough to remember his dream destination!
Delightful Memories!
If the anniversary is of your parents or someone close, you can make a video for them in which you record wishes and blessings of all those people who matter a lot to the couple. They can be friends, children, grandchildren, ex-colleagues, etc. Talk to everyone and have them record some beautiful messages for the lovely couple. They will be delighted to hear and see what wonderful things everyone has to say about them.
Golden Accessories!
A must to be included in this list are accessories made of gold. As gold is traditionally associated with 50th wedding anniversary, gifts such as gold-plated cuff links and bracelets for men and pendants and rings for women are always appreciated.
Party Time!
Throw the couple a surprise party and keep the theme as the same year they got married! So everyone has to come dressed in the outfits that were popular during that era. The music that is played at the party is of the 1950s. For the menu, keep all those dishes which are the couple's favorites. The couple will love going down memory lane in the company of their near and dear ones!
Personalized Gifts!
Give the couple something that they will cherish forever. Personalized gifts such as a champagne bottle or handkerchiefs which have the couple's name, date and year on it, are always welcome. Whenever the couple looks at these gifts, they will be reminded of their anniversary as well as how you made it special!
So take your pick from these and gift them to the couple to tell them how much you love, admire and bless their 50 years of togetherness!
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