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Vampire Names for Guys

Spookiest Vampire Names for Guys - You'll Be Spoiled for Choice!

So, you're going to be a vampire this Halloween. Great! Have you thought of a cool name for yourself? Fret not! We have some fantastic names, along with their meanings for you. Browse and take your pick.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Vampires are mystical creatures that have fascinated people since forever. They are said to be blood-sucking monsters, which makes them a regular in horror movies. They are stereotyped as men wearing long coats with standing collars, crisp white shirts, and black pants. They are always portrayed with two fangs protruding out of their mouths. These immortal beings are said to have an aversion to garlic. Their deadly bites can turn you into one of them. So, if you've picked a vampire as your costume for a Halloween party, here are some names that you can choose from to go with that dashing costume!
Aaron Count February Julian Meteorus Redcap Tempest
Acheron Crimson Felipe Kaige Minka Rakshasas Thorment
Alabaster Cross Felix Kaleo Mirage Rave Thorne
Alfes Daetrine Folleti Kanmae Mitchelle Refuge Thunder
Algul Damian Forest Kane Morrow Rido Upir
Alistair Damon Forestor Klaus Mortum Sable Viktor
Aluga Darius Frost Konrad Nash Sabre Vlad
Alvantin Darkness Gabriel Kraven Nathan Salem Vladamir
Argent Dax Garan Langley Nicolae Santiago VooDoo
Armand December Garrett Laurent Nicolas Satanei Vincen
Armenki Devin Gavner Layre Obsidian Seraphim Wednesday
Ash Dimitri Gossamer Leopold October Seth Wish
Asher Drachen Gotham Leviathan Oleander Severus Willow
Augustine Draegan Granite Locke Onyx Shadow Wolf
Babylon Dragon Gusty London Otis Silas Wolverine
Battle Drake Hades Lucas Otto Sinner Wrath
Bill Drakkar Hunter Lucifer Pagan Smoky Xavier
Blade Draven Illusion Magnus Pardon Sorin Yolando
Blue Dred Infinity Maladict Phury Solomon Zane
Boris Dusk Ivar Malcohm Prysm Soul Zairé
Bram Echo Jagger Marcus Quentin Steele Ze
Brink Edge Jaguar Marius Ransom Stefan Zer
Century Elijah Jasper Marko Rapture Stringo Zillah
Chaos Eric Jett Marlowe Meteor Strigon Zombie
Conti Eventide Jinx Mayze Mink Talon Zorak

More Names with Meanings
  • Addanc: as per Arthurian legend, a lake monster
  • Apep: giant serpent
  • Diabolos: accuser, slanderer
  • Alessandro: defender of mankind
  • Ambrogio: immortal
  • Arnoldo: eagle power
  • Baldovino: brave friend
  • Bonaventura: good fortune
  • Cirino: like the sun
  • Clemente: gentle and merciful
  • Damaris: one who is gentle
  • Domenico: lord
  • Edoardo: prosperous guardian
  • Egidio: little goat
  • Eliodoro: gift of the sun
  • Vespera: evening star
  • Erebos: darkness
  • Lilith: night
  • Ettore: defender
  • Faramundo: journey protection
  • Gaspare: bearer of treasure
  • Gualtiero: ruler of the army
  • Ingrum: Ing's raven (Ing was the Norse god of fertility)
  • Leandro: lion-man
  • Massimo: the greatest
  • Nerio: god of the sea
  • Orazio: prayer
  • Orfeo: darkness of the night
  • Pellegrino: wanderer
  • Raul: wise person
  • Rodolfo: famous wolf
  • Sansone: sun
  • Silvano: from the forest
  • Samael: fallen angel
  • Tacito: silent
  • Tariq: night visitor
  • Vritra: demon