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Exceptionally Special Ideas for Celebrating Your 25th Anniversary

25th Anniversary Ideas
25 years of togetherness does need a celebration like none other. Here are some 25th anniversary ideas that might help you make that big day exceptionally special. Try celebrating with our ideas to have a wonderful experience.
Neha Joshi
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
The bonds of matrimony are like any other bonds - they mature slowly.
~ Peter De Vries
Anniversaries are special. Perhaps, even more than birthdays. While birthdays mark another year for an individual, anniversaries do so for two. Completing so many years of marriage, is nothing less than a great achievement for both the partners. From all the fights, to the love, it has been 25 years of sharing everything, together. Every year is a milestone in the relation, and a silver jubilee means crossing 25 such milestones. Each represents a different moment, a different achievement. This completion, this achievement, needs to be celebrated in such a way, that it becomes the most-remembered milestone. In this article, we have a few 25th anniversary ideas that you can go through.
25th Anniversary Indoor Ideas
Celebration does not necessarily have to involve a crowd, or a group of people. The idea of a celebration, is different for different people, isn't it? Two people can celebrate on their own, and still have fun. If like this option, you can have a silent candlelight dinner, and talk about the years that lie behind both of you. You can also go through old photographs and videos, to see how much you both have traveled in the past 25 years, and how. You can include a special gift too. Call few close friends for dinner, and cut a cake maybe.
Plan a Party
friends party
If you don't have the time to plan a trip out-of-town, plan an indoor party for your friends. You can ask them to share their views on your marriage, and discover new things about your relationship. You can also keep a theme for your party: vampires, fairies, fairy tale characters, famous Hollywood celebrities etc. Here, everyone will have to dress according to the theme; the food and decorations being on the same lines as well.
Another idea would be to just spend the entire day alone, cook food for each other, watch your favorite movies, and more! Switch off your cell phones and just be with each other. Nowadays, couples hardly get time alone. Strenuous working hours, children, their respective schedule to look after, and commitments to other social events keep them more than just busy. On this day, you can forget about everything else, and just have the day to yourself.
25th Anniversary Outdoor Ideas
If you don't want to limit your party inside four walls, you should choose one of the following ideas. These anniversary ideas are for people who are more outgoing, who love partying, and who can spend some time away from office and other commitments, for a few days. But remember, you should choose what your partner loves more than what you do, and/or would like to do. It's all about going that extra mile, and doing something for the person you love.
Plan a Trip
Here is your chance to go on that one trip you've always wanted to, but never had time, or an occasion. You can start putting things in order a few days before. One of you can go a step further and surprise the other, by taking him/her to his/her favorite destination. Your partner won't forget this for years. Make it a romantic and/or adventurous trip, depending on what your partner likes.
Speaking of trips, you can both go out for a day, to a place where everyone else can enjoy with you. For just the two of you, plan a picnic, or a holiday destination nearby, which can be covered in a weekend, or in a day. This can again be a surprise and can include a surprise gift as well. You can also throw a party for friends and relatives, and include fun games.
25th Anniversary Special Gifts
Gifts play an important role on any occasion, and when it is something as special as the 25th anniversary, the gift too has to be special. If you want to gift something to each other, make sure that the gift lasts a lifetime. On this day, search for all the gifts you can, and gift him/her 25 gifts in all; one for each year.
Chocolate Basket
If you are thinking of gifting him something he'll remember forever, why not gift him a day full of surprise gifts, surprise meals and maybe a surprise trip even. Take him out to his favorite game, make him his favorite meal and wear what he likes best on you. If he is a chocolate lover, make him his favorite chocolates, or give him a few gift baskets throughout the day filled with chocolate gifts.
Diamond Set
Your wife has been the most important part of your life for the last 25 years, and on this day, you should tell her so in every way you can. Write her a letter, and tell her how much you love her. Promises to make the next 25 years more beautiful than the ones you have already spent. Make it more romantic by adding some love quotes and sayings. Diamonds are indeed a woman's best friend and gifting her one of these is sure to make her happy.
With Love, from Children
Your parents have completed 25 years together, and they deserve something special from you on this day, don't they? After all, you are an important part of these 25 years. You can take your pick - treat them to a fancy dinner, quiet dinner, adventure trip, gift vouchers, spa trips, personalized videos, and more.
Candlelight Dinner
candlenight dinner
Take your parents out and treat them to a nice dinner in a fancy restaurant. Search for various anniversary gift ideas for parents and gift them the best you can. Or, arrange for a beach candle light dinner.
Cook Food
cooking food
If your parents like it quiet, make them a meal at home. Cook their favorite meal and order some of their favorite movies. Make sure you have some good wine and music at home. If you don't know what they like, make sure you find that out in time.
Decorate the house with their favorite colors, and give it a different feel by adding more elements like candles and lights.
If your parents are more of the outgoing types, arrange for an adventurous day out, or a trip that they'll enjoy. Do the bookings in advance and surprise them with the tickets. Call their work places beforehand so that they don't have to worry about work. Make sure all the arrangements are done properly and everything goes on smoothly.
You may also:
~ Make a small video by editing old video tapes.
~ Make an album of special photographs that have captured all their moments.
~ Get them married again in a ceremony, in front of friends and relatives.
These were some of the 25th anniversary ideas that might help you make that special day, extra special. These celebration ideas will not only make your partner happy, but will add another happy, and memorable moment in your lives. Have fun! Good luck!
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