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Awesome 2 Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Special Someone

2 Year Anniversary Gifts
So you have completed two years of married life, or are celebrating the completion of two years of your relationship! Now you need a suitable anniversary gift that will show how much you care for the significant other in your life. But when it comes to finding a suitable gift, most of us are often confused as to what to get. Always consider the personality and likes and dislikes of your partner when choosing an anniversary gift.
Rimlee Bhuyan
Last Updated: Feb 20, 2018
By the time you are about to celebrate your second anniversary, you have settled comfortably into the relationship and know each others likes and dislikes very well. So there is no excuse in giving a lousy anniversary gift like a juicer or an air purifier. Traditional anniversary gifts for the 2nd anniversary of marriage is cotton. The best option in such a case would be to gift a set of Egyptian cotton sheets with matching pillowcases. You can also gift a rope hammock, personalized bath towels or a terry robe. The modern 2 year anniversary gift is china. Gift your spouse beautiful tableware in fine bone china or decorative bone china figurines. For those of you who think that gifting china or cotton sheets is simply not romantic enough, here is a list of gifts that you can give to your significant other on your 2nd anniversary.
A designer watch
A designer watch
Breakfast in bed
Breakfast in bed
Bouquet of calla lilies
Bouquet of calla lilies
-Sexy silk lingerie (make sure you get the right size)

-Favorite novel with author's autograph

-A mixed CD of your favorite love songs

-Home cooked dinner for two

-A silver photo frame with a picture of both of you

-Personalized matching dressing gowns

-A trip to Paris
Two Year Anniversary Gift for Girlfriend
The best 2 year anniversary gift for girlfriend would be if you went down on your knees and proposed marriage to her, with a beautiful ring. But if you are not ready for commitment yet or are waiting for some special reason, then here is a list of two year anniversary gifts for girlfriend.
A sexy perfume
A sexy perfume
Little black dress
Little black dress
A romantic weekend at a cottage
A romantic weekend at a cottage
-Diamond earrings or pendant (might not go down well with your girlfriend if she was expecting a diamond ring)

-A love poem (that you have written and not copied from the internet)

-Jewelry box

-Swarovski crystal jewelry

-Sexy lingerie

-Tickets for the latest chic flick (and yes you are going along with her)

-A gift certificate to a spa (for both of you)

-A pair of sunglasses

-A cashmere sweater

-A charm bracelet

-New Leiber bag

-First addition of her favorite book
Do not forget to give her a bouquet of her favorite flowers along with your gift. All women love flowers, so be creative and go for unusual flowers like orchids and tulips instead of the same old boring red roses.
Two Year Anniversary Gift for Boyfriend
Choosing anniversary gifts for boyfriend requires a lot of thinking. Here is a list of two year anniversary gifts for men.
An expensive bottle of wine (only if he prefers wine to beer)
wine bottle
Set of neckties
Set of neckties
Collection of crystal wine glasses
Collection of crystal wine glasses
-An iPad

-Set of golf clubs (if he likes to play golf)

-A designer leather jacket

-A new designer perfume

-An expensive Scotch bottle

-State-of-the-art latest plasma TV

-A love poem

-An engraved silver cuff links

-A box of power tools

-Leather bound favorite classic novel

-A limited edition pen

-Tickets to the baseball game

-Monogrammed bathrobe
A gift need not be expensive. It should show that you care for the person and have chosen that particular gift with a lot of thought. Anniversary gifts are special, so make sure that you give something that can always be treasured.
Teddy bear holding heart-shaped pillow
Red heart in box
heart box decorated with flowers
Royal heart gift