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Father's Day Crafts

Father's Day Crafts

Father's day is round the corner, and I'm sure most of you kids have already decided on what to get for your awesome Dad this year! For those of you who still haven't decided; this article will give you some interesting craft ideas to make for your dear daddy to gift him on Father's day.
Mamta Mule
The coming Sunday is a special day, because it's Father's day! You know why Father's day always comes on a Sunday (well, in most parts of the world)? Because Sunday is the time when daddy gets to stay at home with you. So, how do you plan to make this holiday memorable for him? I am sure you wish to do something special for your dad, don't you? Well, there are a lot of things that you can do to make his day all the more special. You can cook him some nice breakfast, help him in the garden, or, like most children do for their daddy, buy him a gift. It's not just about buying and presenting some expensive gift, but wishing him in a special way; and what would be more special if you make a gift for him on your own! If you want to get some ideas about arts and crafts for this Father's day, then you are on the right page. Here are some easy Father's day crafts for kids and adults, as well. 
Fabric Painting
If you love painting, then here is a chance to show how much you love your daddy through your talent. Fabric painting is very easy, and you can make an awesome father's day gift with it. If you are not sure, you can ask an adult (not your dad), to help you. Here's what you need to do -
  • Get a new plain t-shirt; black or white is best for this project.

  • Also, get your dad's favorite fabric- or acrylic-paint colors.
  • Take 3-4 flat plates, depending upon the number of colors you plan to use and transfer each color in each of the plate; one color in one plate.
  •  Insert a thick cardboard, or plastic sheet inside the t-shirt so that the color does not get smudged while you paint your design. You can either have this design on the front or back side of the t-shirt. If you have the time, you can paint both, the front and the back.
Fabric Painting
Cloth Craft
  • The designs in the pictures on your left and right will give you an idea of what you can paint. If you think you won't be able to paint these designs, you can dip both your hands in the paint color and press them against the t-shirt. Once you have placed your hands on the t-shirt, withdraw them carefully so that the design doesn't smudge. Let the t-shirt dry completely.

  •  You can also cut some cloth material from your old clothes (the ones you don't wear anymore) and cut them in the shape of alphabets with the help of an adult. The picture on your right is made in the same manner. You can place these cuttings on a t-shirt, or a card. This would also be a great gift for your dad.
Egg Painting and Crafts
Egg Craft
This is another interesting craft idea that can be an awesome keepsake for your dad. The best thing about an egg is that you can utilize it from both the inside, and the outside. So, once you're done eating the insides, use the shell to create some unique decoration items which your dad can keep on his desk. Here is what you need to do -
For the Elvis Look
  •  You need a spring styled egg holder, paint or water colors, cardboard paper, white decorative paper, some accessories to decorate, glue, and, of course, the egg.
  •  Use the cardboard paper to make the sunglasses, arms, and hair of Elvis.
  •  Paint these items in the desired colors. Also, paint the egg with white color; and leave all these items to dry completely.
  • Once all the items are dry, stick them all to the egg with the help of glue, or transparent tape. Decorate with some accessories.
For the Flower Pot
White Egg In Small Flower Pot
  • A very simple and beautiful item to make; for this you will need an egg shell, small artificial flowers with stems, and some decorative stones or jelly cubes.
  • Take an egg shell broken into half, and wash it completely so that it doesn't smell of egg yolk. Wash the shell carefully so that it doesn't crack.
  • Take the clean and dry egg shell; and fill some decorative jelly balls (made of gel) in the shell. You can use different colors of jelly balls to make the item look more attractive. If those are not available, you can buy some decorative crystals, but make sure they are light enough for the shell to handle their weight.
  •  Insert some artificial flowers in the shell and gift it to your dad. If you want, you can paint Happy Father's Day on the egg shell, as well.
Notepad for Dad
Notepad for Dad
You know that Daddy has a lot of things to take care of, right? And you also know that he gets very upset when he forgets some important thing which he had to do. So, why not give him something that helps him remember his important work? Make a notepad for him! It is very easy to make. Here is what you need to do -
  •  You would require a couple of A4 size papers, a colorful cardboard sheet, paper punch, a spiral string (even a decorative thread would do), colors and pencil to make the design on the cover of the notepad.
  •  Take a couple of A4 size sheets of white paper. The number of sheets would depend upon the thickness of the notepad. You can take about 8 - 10 sheets, so that when you fold them to make the notepad, you can get about 30 - 40 pages (including both sides of the page).
  •  Fold these sheets into half to make a book-like pattern. Cut these sheets from the line that is formed on the side.
  •  Now, take all these sheets together and place them together. Like how your teacher keeps your answer sheets after you're done with your exam!
  •  Fold these sheets into half to create a center line which will help you punch the holes. Punch two holes, one at the top and one at the bottom of the page, at equal distance from the marking, while keeping the pages in a folded manner.
  • Now, take the cardboard sheet and cut it the same size as the pages that you have punched in the previous step. You need to make two pieces of these cardboard sheets for covering the front and back of the notepad.
  •  You can make some nice design on the cover of the notepad. The pictures on your left and right can be used as examples. If you don't want to draw, you can write some interesting quote or poem for your dad.
  •  Once you have made the design, and made sure that it is completely dry and done; you can place the papers and the covers together, and put a string, or a decorative thread through the holes in order to bind the notepad together.
  •  You can tie the strings, or the thread in the shape of a bow to make the notepad look attractive. Or else, you can use spiral strings, like in the picture on your right.
Photo Collage
Family Collage
Whenever we go for an outing, daddy is always ready with his camera to capture all the fun moments. Does your dad do the same? If the answer is yes, then show him that you too, can do something special for him using those beautiful pictures. Go make a collage! It is very simple to make, and doesn't even take much time. Here is what you need to do -
  •  You would need a colorful cardboard sheet, a glue stick, and a collection of quite a few of your family pictures.
Stamp Collage
  •  Decide on how you want to place the pictures. You can either place them horizontally, in a uniform manner; or, you can let go of the uniformity and place them in a zigzag manner, but make sure that the look of the collage is appealing and the pictures are attractively visible.
  •  Once you have decided on the placement, use a glue stick, to stick the pictures on the cardboard. If you want you can also write some messages or quotes for your dad.
  •  Stamp collection is a famous hobby for many kids and adults. If your dad also has the hobby of collecting stamps, then you can make a collage of the same and gift it to him; like in the picture on your right.
Draw for Your Dad
Father Son Drawing
Each and every child has some special moments with their mom and dad. For example, when I was a kid, my dad would always take me to the zoo to see my favorite bird; the peacock. So, I had made a drawing wherein me and my dad are in the zoo, with a peacock next to us. Do you have a special activity that you enjoy doing with your dad? It could be anything from camping to fishing to gardening. So, this Father's day, tell your dad how much you value the moments spent with him. Make him a drawing. Some examples are given on your left and right.
Family Drawing
Your drawing would look more attractive if you frame it well. You can make a frame on your own with a cardboard box, or, you can ask an elder to get that drawing framed for you. But remember, it's a surprise for daddy, so make sure the gift remains a secret and no one tells him.
I am sure these ideas have helped you think about some really good crafts that you can specially create for your daddy to tell him how special he is to you. I am sure your dad would love your gift, and cherish it for the rest of his life. So what are you waiting for? Grab all the stationary that you need, and start working on your gift; Sunday is just round the corner.