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5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Getting an anniversary gift can be an easy task, if you know what to look for in the first place. Read the CelebrationJoy article to find out what gifts are appropriate for the occasion.
Sheetal Mandora
At this moment, on your 5th anniversary, it must feel like a long time has passed since your wedding day; but still you probably can remember all the beautiful moments you two have shared. Time does fly real fast, and all we are left with is wonderful memories. There are many things that can help us remember those special moments spent with our special someone, like pictures, souvenirs, gifts, etc. As every year, since your wedding, you two must have given one another thoughtful gifts. So why should this year be any different.
* If we follow the traditional path, you will have to select something that is made of wood. As far as modern, non-traditional gifts are concerned, it would be silverware, turquoise, and sapphire.
He's Definitely Earned these Gifts
Although we've talked about traditional and modern wedding anniversary ideas, that doesn't mean you should stick to them only. While searching for the gift, don't think you have only few options. Even though we have provided you with choices on what type of gifts you can concentrate on, you know your husband more than anyone.
Traditional Gifts
  • Wooden Chess Set
  • Wooden Patio Bench
  • Signed Baseball Bat
Modern Gifts
  • Turquoise or Sapphire Cufflinks
  • Turquoise or Sapphire Rings
  • Turquoise or Sapphire Earring Studs
Others Gifts
  • Wine Country Tour
  • Electronic Gadget
  • Flying Lessons
What's Special for the Wifey
Since it has been 5 years of your marriage (and the time before that while you were dating), you must have bought her presents every now and then. From a bouquet of flowers to box of expensive chocolates to jewelry to perfumes, every known gift has been used once. And for this special occasion, you want to show her that your love is still strong for her.
Traditional Gifts
  • Engraved Wooden Jewelry Box
  • Wooden Massager Set
  • National or International Cruise
Modern Gifts
  • Silver Candle Holders
  • Turquoise or Sapphire Jewelry
  • Silver Photo Frames
Others Gifts
  • Day's Spa Package
  • Hot Air Balloon Picnic
  • Romantic Dinner (cooked by you)
The most important element while celebrating your anniversary is to be with one another and relive those lovely moments that you've spent together. There are other anniversary gifts by years which should help you plan accordingly. So don't waste any time, and let your imagination and creativity speak to you. Have a wonderful anniversary together.
Silver picture frame
Blue Gemstone Ring
Sapphire ring and earrings
sapphire jewelry
Antique bat and baseball isolated on white background
blue enamel cuff links
Electronic Gadget
Spa and body care cosmetics and accessories collage
vintage jewelry box on white
Silver Candle holder