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Rocking Anniversary Party Ideas to Flaunt 5 Years of Your Wedding

5 Year Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas
If you are hunting down some 5 year wedding anniversary party ideas, you can end your search right here. The article below will give you some special and unique party ideas for your wedding anniversary this year. Continue reading, to find out more about them.
Neha Joshi
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
Five years of togetherness, of companionship and of a happy married life. Not many people ask for more, do they? A relationship is perhaps the most important thing in our lives and if yours has survived for 5 beautiful years, it sure calls for a celebration. These five years have given you some of the best moments of your life and this wedding party, we need to raise a toast to them. Given below are some party ideas for your 5th wedding anniversary, that you can read through and then, zero in on one according to your convenience and liking. The idea is after all to have fun and celebrate, isn't it? So this year, let's do just that. This party shall surely be remembered by one and all.
Celebrating Your 5th Anniversary
Every party we throw or attend has three things in common, the food, the guests and a celebration. The idea in these options is to do something different, something unique, something you perhaps haven't done before. Remember, the party can be anywhere, with whoever you want and however you want. Apart from these ideas, you can yourself come up with some ideas. Whatever you decide, you need to start planning, NOW!
House Party...
A house party is always the first option in all the 5 year wedding anniversary party ideas. You can call all your friends at home and throw a party. This way, you will get to be with a selected few close friends and relatives. Not many couples look for a grand celebration on their 5th wedding anniversary and if you are amongst them, this option can work great for you. You can also make this a surprise for your spouse by calling all the guests secretly, and arranging for everything in advance. Depending on the number of people, you can either order the food or you can prepare it at home.
Theme It...
This wedding anniversary, you can throw a theme party for all your friends. There are many themes you can choose from such as pirates, carnival and retro. A themed party is always a lot of fun for everyone. You can make the decorations and prepare the food in relevance to the theme you decide. This way, even the guests can get involved in preparing for the party and will surely look forward to it. Another option is to keep a 'wooden' theme. Wood was one of the traditional 5 year anniversary gifts. From the trays, to the plates to even the glasses, you can arrange for and use wooden things for your party. If you think this won't be fun enough, you can choose from the rest of the themes.
Cherishing the Memories...
This is one of the best 5 year wedding anniversary party ideas and you are sure to like it. This one is completely dedicated to one of you, either of you have the opportunity to surprise the other. You can start off with the surprise party. A well planned surprise will always be appreciated. You can make a movie, on the both of you together over the past few years, using photographs and videos of both of that you have clicked at various times such as in parties, vacation and family get together. Well, ask among your friends and relatives for the photographs and the footage, if they have any, to add more color to it. You can present this movie to your partner before showing it at the party. It would be a great gift for your spouse, something he/she can keep with him/her forever. You can also request a few people, who are close to you, to give a small speech about both of you.
Camp It Out...
If a party in the house or at a hotel has become an every year ritual for you, you might want to consider this option for your 5 year wedding anniversary party. Take a few friends and go camping, the day before your anniversary. A small hike or trek would be great! Have a small bonfire in the woods and celebrate your anniversary there. This would a great change from the usual every year parties, you are accustomed to. If there is a place you have been planning to visit for some time, you can plan your party there itself. This idea can also be planned at the beach. You can have a small barbecue at the site and have some good food, music and fun time.
These were some great and interesting 5 year wedding anniversary party ideas that you can think of, for this anniversary. Check the time you can invest in preparing for each, the things that your spouse likes and doesn't, and then zero in on one of the above options. Don't forget to take a gift with you for your loved one. On the 5th anniversary, you are supposed to gift wood, silverware and sapphires. Of course, you can gift something of your choice too. Hope you have lots of fun.
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