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Anniversary Party Games

Anniversary Party Games

Wedding anniversaries are celebrations for commemorating the marital journey of the couple. The celebration party has to be fun, which can be made possible by including some interesting party games.
Aishwarya Nirmal
We all know that people celebrate their wedding anniversaries every year on the very day they got married. Close friends and relatives are invited to be a part of the party and make the day more memorable. To make the party fun and happening, many wedding anniversary party ideas can be thought of, for the couple as well as for the guests.

Couple Games

Seek Your Partner
In this game, either of the partner has to be blindfolded and should find the other partner only by touch. All the guests at the party should try to confuse the blindfolded partner. If he/she seeks the partner successfully or is unable to do so, he/she can announce that and then the other partner goes through the same process.

Compatibility Check
This game needs discretion on the part of the guests. The husband and wife have to be taken in to separate rooms and each should face a questionnaire. The questions have to be objective type, like favorite color, favorite food, etc. The same set of questions have to be asked to both of them simultaneously, but in absence of each other. Then, both can come to the same room and know the answers of each of them. This part of the game is the funniest.

How Well You Know Each Other
The procedure of this party game is same as that of the compatibility check game, the only difference is in the questionnaire. Here, instead of asking questions about their own selves, the same questions are asked in reference to each other. Favorite color of your partner, favorite food of your partner, etc., such questions can be included in the questionnaire.

Group Games

Treasure Hunt
This game should have an active participation from all the guests. The host can hide a few goodies as treasures somewhere inside the house or out of the house. You can tell everyone the first clue orally, and write down the rest of the clues on paper chits. The rule is to work as a couple during the whole hunt. However, the host couple cannot participate in this game, since they already know the location of the treasure.

Guess the Movie/Picture/Word
This game can be played by dividing the guests in two equal teams. The teams can be like, all wives in one team and husbands in the other, or couples can be asked to pick chits with team names written on them. Suppose there are two teams, team A and team B. The team member of team A has to tell one member of team B a word or movie. The team B member has to act out the movie name or word, and his team members have to guess it. Otherwise, he can draw pictures of things related to the word but not the exact word, and his team members have to guess the movie name based on the drawing. In drawing the picture game, there has to be a certain time limit or a limit on the number of pictures that can be drawn as a hint.

Musical Folding Paper Game
This game is perfect for couples, and it takes a lot more than mental coordination to win this game. This game needs perfect physical coordination between the couples. The game is played by handing over big chart papers to each couple. When the music starts, they have to dance on and around the paper. But, when the music stops the couple has to be on the paper. Even if one of them is late in stepping on the paper or has a millimeter of his foot outside, that pair gets eliminated. For the next round, the papers have to be folded in half and the same process is repeated. Again in the next round, the already folded paper is further folded in half, and the game goes on till a single couple is left on the dance floor.

The above mentioned games are real fun for a couple celebrating their first or second wedding anniversary. For 50th anniversary, you can choose simple games, like telling a memorable incident or copying the voice and actions of your partner. Also, for larger participation, choose the group games for your anniversary party.
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