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Family Reunion Locations

Family Reunion Locations

Family reunion is the time for spending some quality time with family members and enjoying each other's company. It can be planned at different locations depending upon the number of people, their age, and their liking.
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Today's busy life demands us to spend more time at work than with our family. Moreover, sometimes our work even requires us to relocate, away from our relatives. Thus, it is not often that we get to spend quality time with them. The concept of family reunion came forth to unite members of a family, who were scattered across the country and sometimes even across the world. Reunions enable the members to spend good time with each other and share fond memories. However, to make it a memorable event, you need to settle for a location, that is convenient as well as enjoyable.

While looking for sites for a family reunion consider the following factors.
  • Number of people attending the function and the age group of these people.
  • General liking of the group - whether they enjoy active, adventure sports, or they like to be indoors.
  • Distance from where people will be coming to attend the function.
  • Budget.
  • The season in which you are planning it.
  • Number of days.
After considering these factors, choose a location that will have something to offer for every person in the group.

Old Family Home

An old family home or an ancestral home, is one of the most apt place for organizing a family reunion. Your family members will love going back to their ancestral home, more so, if they are located far away from it. However, if the house has been left unoccupied for several years, you'll have to make some arrangements to prepare it for the function. Also, ensure that the location is convenient for most of the members attending the function.


Many national or even state parks make up for a perfect location. Most parks have facilities for biking, hiking, swimming, boating, and other enjoyable activities. Moreover, parks are a cheaper option and since there are so many of them, you can easily settle for one that is most convenient for all.


Beaches can be a lot of fun, especially if your family is on the active side. Beaches can provide with adventure sports like scuba diving, surfing, paragliding, etc. However, if you wish to plan a quiet and peaceful event, then beaches may not be your choice, since they are crowded for most of the year.

Churches and Historical Places

Churches and other historical places can serve as peaceful destinations. Choose a church that is located in some picturesque countryside, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Churches and other historical places are ideal if most of your family members are elderly. These places may not have entertainment facilities but are perfect if you want to spend time chatting and reviving memories with your family members.


Resorts are also a favorite location for this kind of event. Most resorts take care of your meals, accommodation, and fun activities, so that you can spend all your time in each other's company. However, if you are planning it during school vacations or public holidays, make sure to book these places well in advance.


Cruises are becoming popular as new locations for this kind of event. Instead of booking motel rooms, you can take a cruise that'll promise more fun. Cruises are ideal, if you plan to have a reunion for at least a couple of days. Moreover, take into account the distance factor, as cruises may not be available at all the places.

Location for family reunion should be carefully selected to ensure that each member enjoys himself/herself and takes fond memories of the trip along with him/her. Do not plan too many activities, else you'll not get time for each other, and that will defeat the whole purpose of reunion.
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