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Best Halloween Costumes 2017

Best Halloween Costumes 2017
Hold your breath people, as the most horrifying yet amazing event of the year is here. Find some ideas for costumes that you would love to flaunt for Halloween 2017.
Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Last Updated: Oct 30, 2017

Halloween is a holiday that allows you to get seriously creative with your costume choice, where stores and the internet offer a plethora of options that can leave you dizzy. We believe that the classics, although safe options, are not enough; this year new costumes are going to rock the party. To get your wardrobe ready for this Halloween, we have hand-picked a bunch of the most trending Halloween costumes.

Halloween Mania

This year, consumers are expected to spend around USD 9.1 billion for Halloween! Isn't that amazing? Well, here we look at some of the best Halloween costumes for 2017.

Pennywise Clown
Evil Vampire Clown
If you go as Pennywise, the dancing clown from the movie "It", you will surely scare people on the Halloween night. It is one of the easiest costumes to pull off. Paint your face in white and wear a red wig. Use white or silver leggings and a full sleeve shirt. Wear white or red boots and a pair of white or silver gloves. And carry a red balloon with you.
a girl with a yellow dress on walking down the stairs
You need to wear a yellow buttercup ball gown and white or yellow gloves. Choose a hairstyle that matches the character. This is a costume every girl would love to flaunt this Halloween.
Hugh Hefner
Retro Playboy in Silk Pajamas and Fedora
How about dressing like "Hugh Hefner" with a playboy costume! You need to wear a black-lined, red-colored silk robe with a belt and blue-colored silk pants.You can add a neck scarf or a sailor hat to it. A smoking pipe in your hand will give you a classy Hugh Hefner look.
The Handmaid's Tale
Victorian peasant girl
This show left an incredible mark on the entertainment industry. The attires of these TV show's characters find a place on the list of Halloween costume ideas for this year. Wear a red gown, a white bonnet, and black ankle shoes. And carry a mesh bag with you. You can make this costume at home too.
Demon look
Recreate the look of this iconic pop star, with a flower crown, red lipstick and some other elements of her get-up. Don't forget to add a spooky quotient to the costume, because you are dressing up for Halloween!
Cosplayer dressed as Spiderman from Marve
Dress up like Spiderman and bring out your inner superhero. An authentic jumpsuit with muscle features and a see-through breathable mask is all you need.

These were some of the best Halloween costume ideas that you can choose from. Pick the one you like and rock the Halloween party.

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