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Vampire Costume Ideas

Need an idea for a costume party? Try the vampire costume ideas mentioned in this article and show the world how it's done.
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
Costume parties are fun, there's no doubt about that. But one needn't wait until Halloween to explore the world of creative costumes. One of the most popular costumes these days is vampire costumes. There's got to be a point to all the Twilights and the True Bloods, isn't it? Well, assuming you're one of the die-hard (pun intended) fans of the whole vampire deal, here's an article that will help you dish out a homemade vampire costume, for that sultry, dangerous look. Check out the ideas given here.
There are a very few costumes that are as exciting as vampire costumes, especially for women. It's a widely believed notion that only men make sexy vampires. Well, if you try the ideas given below, you'll prove that wrong, and how! Check them out.
The Sexy Vampire
Sexy Vampire
The colors that you'll use for your costume are black and red (duh!). I'm sure you own a black dress, or a black pair of jeans, or a black top. If it's a plain short black dress (the shorter the better), then all you have to do is, take a bit of red lace and stitch or stick this lace along the hem of the dress, and on the sleeves. Do the same for your top and jeans. The next thing you'll need is a red shawl, or a big red scarf. Fasten this at your shoulders, like a cloak. Wear high-heeled boots, and highlight your eyes with kohl. Wear a pout on your lips, which you'll dye in blood-red by the way, and get ready for some serious damage!
Vampire Costume for Couples
Elegant Vampire
This idea is more of an elegant, sophisticated, female vampire, as opposed to the sexy temptress above. If you don't own one, then borrow or buy a long flowing red gown, which has a wide neckline and short sleeves. Use a piece of cardboard to make a big collar for the back of the dress. Cover this cardboard with paper in the same color as your dress. Tie your hair up neatly, in a bun. At your hip, have a black shimmering black belt, with red stones in it. Black pumps, black diamond studs, black or red lipstick, and teeth marks on your neck will complete the look!
Naughty Vampire
The Naughty Vampire
You could also take a cue from the image here and go for a naughty look by wearing a black blazer with a red shirt and gloves. Comb your hair back sleek and color your eyes with dark liner. Wear red lipstick and carry a glass with deep red paint in it.
There's something about vampires that makes them sexy and dangerous at the same time. Exploit this to the limit by dressing up as a classy and smart vampire. Check out the options given below and you'll definitely have the women swooning over you.
Classic Vampire
The Stylish Vampire
Aim for a classic vampire look for the best effect. Wear a dark shirt with dark trousers. You can buy a ready cape or make one using soft red fabric like satin. Sew it together with black velvet and tie it around your neck or you can pin it to your shoulders. A set of fake sharp teeth and you're ready to go.
Stylish Vampire
The Classic Vampire
If you want to do something unconventional, you can go in for a look that says vampire, but not bloody and thirsty. Aim to get into the skin of the sexiness and intrigue that is associated with vampires. Wear a dark shirt and trousers. Use aluminum foil or silver paper to make a stylish collar and get fake silver chains from a prop shop. Place them around your neck and you'll be as stylish as a vampire can be.
Kids are not to be left behind when it comes to dressing up as vampires. It's probably more popular among them than it is with adults. So it only makes sense to make sure that you don't disappoint them. Given below are some simple ideas to dress up your little ones.
The Pretty Vampire
Little female vampire costumes are pretty easy to make too. All you need is a black, intense pink or/and red dress, some white or black laces, red and black hair-clips, and of course, the cutest little black or red shoes! Depending on the color of the dress, you must add the lace anywhere you feel necessary. If it's a intense pink dress, then white laces and vice versa. Next, give her a cloak of the color opposite to that of the dress. Give her a fancy tiara with red and black stones to complete the princess vampire look.
The Frightening Vampire
For boys, it's really very easy. All you need to do is get out their suit, if they have one, or just make them wear black pants, with a white shirt and a black waistcoat. Then, knot a bright red tie, and use flowing silk fabric to make a temporary cloak for them. A pair of fake, sharp, protruding canines, and your little vampire is ready to scare!
Most or all of these vampire costume ideas are incomplete without the signature fangs, a few drops of blood painted near the mouth, and of course, some scary Halloween masks. So, use these ideas, and give your kids their dream vampire costume or you doll up and be the sexiest vampire to walk the planet!
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