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Crazy Hat Ideas That are Anything But Run-of-the-Mill

Crazy Hat Ideas
Whether you are attending a costume party or a Halloween party, a crazy hat is the perfect accessory for your outfit. Here are some crazy ideas to make your headgear pretty unique.
Rimlee Bhuyan
Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018
If you are thinking of throwing a party for your kid, why not have a theme party instead of an ordinary one? One of the best theme party that you can throw for your kids is to have a crazy hat party. In a crazy hat party, kids can have a lot of fun, dressing up in different kinds of funny and unique hats. You can even have a section where there is a selection of homemade crazy hats that the kids can try out. Hosting and organizing such a party for kids is less taxing than organizing a complete fancy dress party. All you need to do to make your party a success is to come up with some easy-to-make hat ideas. Here, we will guide you to come up with some crazy hat ideas and throw a party for your kids, which they are going to cherish and remember for a long time.
Crazy Hat Ideas for Kids
Crazy Hat Ideas For Kids - 1
Crazy Hat Ideas For Kids - 2
Carzy Hat Ideas For Kids - 3
One very good option when you are hosting a crazy hat party is to have a competition where the guests (that is the kids) compete for the most creative, funniest and weirdest hats. When you are handing out the invitation for the party, make sure that you explain that the hats should be funny and silly and not the normal variety. There are many ideas for crazy hats that you can come up with for such a party. You can collaborate with your children to come up with unique ideas for these funny hats.
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The first step in designing a crazy hat is to decide about the scale of the hat. You can either make the hat in dimensions that fit your head or you can go all out and have a huge hat that gives a very dramatic effect. The next step in designing a crazy hat is to decide upon your inspiration for the hat. You can choose from flowers, fruits, vegetables, animals or even common everyday items, like a kettle, or a cup and saucer.
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Funny Floral Hats
Funny Floral Hats - 1
The most common and easy crazy hats are those which are inspired from flowers. You can take a normal wicker hat, and place several fresh or artificial flowers around the brim of the hat so that the flowers hang all around your face.
Funny Floral Hats - 2
You can either attach a selection of different types and colors of flowers haphazardly over the hat, or group together a bunch of fresh flowers at the top of the hat to make it look like a large floral arrangement. You can also add some multicolored ribbons at the back of the hat so that they trail behind, for a visually stunning effect.
Food-inspired Hats
Food-inspired Hats
Some homemade crazy hats that I have really enjoyed watching are those that revolve around food. There are two ways of going about designing a hat that is inspired by foodstuff. One way is to take a normal wide-brimmed hat, and add some tropical fruits, like apples, grapes, and pineapples on it. The other crazy hat idea that you can try, is to make a hat that resembles a certain food item. It can be anything from a luscious watermelon to a lollipop.
One very good crazy hat idea that I had seen recently was a hat that was shaped like an upside down basket with lots of candies at the top.

One of the best crazy hat ideas for girls, is to make a strawberry hat. All you need is some white chiffon cloth, some red satin, foam, and green satin fabric. To make the top part of the hat, sew the red satin in a round disc, and stuff it with foam. Cut out some green satin fabric to make leaves, and sew it on top and center of the round disc. To lend it a finished look, layer it with white chiffon so that it looks like the brim of the hat.
Animal-inspired Hats
Animal- inspired Hats
Kids love animals, and you can center your hat ideas around them. Just attach stuffed animals, like a giant snake or a spider on top of a wicker hat. You can also make other crazy-looking hats, like a giant squid, turkey, or unicorn by using fabric, cardboard, and foam. You can use papier mache to make different animal shapes, and attach them to a felt hat. You can also make balloon hats by twisting long balloons and shaping and twisting them into animal shapes to form a funny headgear.
Animal- inspired Hats
So these were some hat ideas that you can try when you throw a theme party. For a more futuristic effect you can create a crazy hat by designing a robot, a satellite dish, or a flying saucer. Remember that a crazy hat party is not just for kids, adults, too, can join in, and have a wonderful time.
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