Magnificent Banquet Decorating Ideas No One Else Will Have Yet

Magnificent Banquet Decorating Ideas No One Else Will Have Yet
A banquet is a grand social affair that involves good food, scintillating conversation, and a hall beautifully decorated for guests. You'll find dreamy banquet decorating ideas that your guests will adore, where no one will leave without paying the hosts or decorators, a round of generous compliments.
Banquet halls can be decorated using simple materials that are not just cost-efficient, but easy to put up or install. The venue's d├ęcor says a lot about what is in store for guests, by judging from the way the place is beautified and set up. If the hall is a small, simple space that isn't looking for a fancy expensive makeover, you can still decorate it magnificently within budget. The banquet decorating ideas mentioned here, should help you sort out problems like what colors or theme to go with, which centerpieces would be idyllic, and how place settings should be arranged. Whether you're hosting a charity fundraiser, preparing for a wedding reception, or planning a ceremonial lunch/dinner, these ideas will pique your interest.

Banquet Decorating Ideas for Special Occasions

A Change of Seasons

With spring creeping up on us and summer around the bend, we couldn't be happier with the parade of showy, rich colors that are sprouting up almost everywhere. From fashion runways to interior decorating color palettes, the quintessential hues of the season, are in full bloom. From drapes to tapestries, to accents and highlights, color can do much more than play its visually appealing role. Experiment with color-themed banquets that showcase a slew of colors, in all their glory. From flowers and napkins, to decorative material and cutlery, use the sort of colors that will turn any space into a vision.

Our Favorite Colors:

The Little Details Count

Some of you may think that placing napkins or cutlery in an ordinary fashion, is perfectly all right, because you misconceive guests for taking such a thing lightly. Well, we couldn't tell you how wrong you are. A lot of people take pleasure in noticing such things, where it holds their attention immediately as they sit down for a beautiful meal. You want them to admire your handiwork, or by the people who painstakingly make them behind the scenes, because let's face it, you want people to appreciate your eye for detail. Take your pick from our list of place setting must-haves.
  • Napkin rings
  • Fresh flower adornments
  • Napkin art
  • Color-coordinated napkins
  • Two-tone napkins
  • Festive ornaments
  • Lace, bamboo, or oriental place mats and table mats
  • Plates with intricate work or unusual shapes
  • Silver cutlery
  • Crystal glassware
Splendid Interiors

Guests that walk into a hall, will first be awestruck by what they see, when it comes to how a banquet hall is done up. The first thing that catches a person's eye, is color, followed by decorations, and lastly, the use of varied materials. Don't let chairs sit ideally without being dressed for the occasion; clad them in luscious fabrics like satin, silk or soft alternatives. Velvet is so 16th century; choose something light and uplifting to look at. Use iridescent fabrics that swell in the light (whether artificial or natural). Neatly knot big dramatic bows behind chairs, or affix flower accents using safety pins, to pinch and fasten gathered fabric into place.

You can never go wrong with flowers, where you can use a mix of spring-summer blooms and vines, to decorate the entrance of the banquet hall. A plain wall space can be utilized as well, where guests can take photographs against the lovely backdrop. Dim sting lighting, a handsome chandelier, or plants adorning the hall, are all great inclusions to spruce up a large space. For decorations, stick to materials that are lightweight, vivid, and easy to work with.

Attention Seekers

A striking centerpiece is a valued addition to any tabletop, where you can experiment with all sorts of options. From aromatic flowers and candle holders, to watering cans and antique/vintage pieces, the choices are limitless. Selecting a centerpiece that goes with the theme of the banquet hall, or stands as a pleasant contrasting element is a refreshing sight, for example:
  • Spring-summer flowers in large vases/watering cans
  • Scented candles
  • Fresh fruits
  • Bonsai tree
  • Easter eggs/festive ornaments
  • Bowl filled with petals and candle
  • Potpourri
Parting Gifts

When a banquet dinner is thrown for guests, hosts of the occasion will win extra brownie points, for being thoughtful enough to arrange for little gifts. No one expects them to be extravagant or over-the-top, but just something that they can take away, in remembrance. Wedding receptions usually have this as a way of thanking guests for coming, so why not have this included otherwise? Keep track of which occasion is advancing, whether it's Easter, Mother's Day, or Christmas. The gifts can center around such a time, in the form of:
  • Showpieces
  • Chocolate or candy pouches
  • Mini books with inspirational quotes
  • Greeting cards
  • Gift vouchers
  • Seedlings with booklet about the plant
  • Bath salts
  • Creative bookmarks
These banquet decorating ideas can give way to others, by exploring options that work for you no matter what sort of budget you're looking at. Brainstorm with those who are going to help you put it all together, or with a professional, on what you can do to make a banquet hall look nothing short of sensational.