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Great Beer-related Gifts for Father's Day

Great Beer-related Gifts for Father's Day
With a plethora of beer-related gift options for Father's Day, one would be spoiled for choice. To help you out with your confusion about which one to pick for your father, we've chalked out a few options. So take a few notes, make the right choice and celebrate this Father's Day in memorable way!
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Apr 1, 2019
Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.
~ Benjamin Franklin
Father's Day is a celebration of the unconditional love our father gives us and the effort he takes in providing for the family and raising kids. Celebrated on the third Sunday of every June, this day was inspired by Mother's Day celebration.
There are various stories around how this day was initiated. However, the common element in all these stories is that, it is a day which honors a father's contribution in our lives.
To celebrate Father's Day this year, go a little beyond those clichéd greeting cards, bouquets, and cufflinks which only add to the clutter in the closet. How about surprising your father this year with beer-related gifts? If he is a complete teetotaler, then we have a few surprises for him too.
While the following listed are beer-related merchandise, there are few more ways of celebrating this theme. For instance, you can surprise your dad with a beer and barbecue party with the entire family, or you can go fishing with your father with a crate full of his favorite beer.
Think a little outside the box to make this Father's Day unique. So, without further ado, here are some of the greatest beer-related gifts for Father's Day to convey your love and affection.
Beer Brewing Kit
Beer brewing kit
Gift him a beer brewing kit to brew his own beer. In fact, making beer can be a joint activity for the whole family. The kit will include a cook pot, grain, hops, yeast, and a few flavors for your first homemade brew.
Beer Glasses and Container
Beer Glasses and Container
Every spirits connoisseur loves a good collection of glasses to serve his drinks. Add to your father's collection with well crafted beer glasses, a good textured wooden tray and beer containers.
Beer containers range from shot glasses to big beer tubes. With such a wide variety, there is a huge scope for choice. And if you really want to make it special, you can get these personalized too!
Fancy Beer Bottle Openers
Fancy Beer Bottle Openers
These are not only useful items in the bar, but are also interesting accessories. With ones that are embedded in footwear, belts, in cell phone covers and other unthinkable places, find a bottle opener that's really unusual.
A belt buckle with an opener can be an excellent addition to the wardrobe and a lucrative gift for beer lovers. But be careful now, the more bottles you open, the tighter the belt will be around the waist!
Beer Club Membership
Couple enjoying beer
Treat your father to a month's subscription of a beer club. Several microbreweries offer such subscriptions. You can make it even more specific by buying a subscription for his favorite beer like an ale, lager, bitters, dry stouts and so on.
Beer Recipe Collection
Cooking with beer
A collection of beer recipes would perfectly compliment the beer brewing kit you plan to gift your dad. Additionally, the collection of recipes will also serve as tips for cooking with beer. It certainly would be a delight to munch on those beer-simmered sausages, while sipping some cool beer on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
Beer Dispenser
A really handy beer-related gift would be a good beer dispenser for the bar. This is available in several sizes and shapes. For instance, a tower with light, funky shapes and other such interesting designs. This definitely can be a great beer-related Father's Day gift.
Beer Magazine Subscriptions
Beer Magazine
There are several magazines dedicated to aspects such as beer making, beer festivals around the world, beer serving accessories and so on. A subscription of these magazine will open a world of new ideas for your father.
A few more options...
  • Beer Label Wallets
  • A Mini Beer Fridge
  • Beer Books
  • Beer Baskets
  • Beer Label Coasters
  • Beer Bottle Cap Cufflinks
  • Beer Soap
  • Beer Apparel
Agreed, sometimes it can be extremely difficult to find the perfect gift for Father's Day. Think a little harder about your father's interests and hobbies to find him that right gift. Hope, these fun gourmet beer gifts help you out in making this Father's Day an unforgettable one! Cheers!