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Halloween Centerpieces

Halloween Centerpieces
It's time to get spooky! It's Halloween! So get ready to decorate your coffee/dinner tables with interestingly spooky centerpieces. Reading this article shall give an idea of Halloween centerpieces that can be made at home...
Junelia Rodrigues
Have no time to make a centerpiece? Try this.
Keeping with the theme, find flowers in Halloween colors of orange and black (you can spray paint), arrange them in a small carved pumpkin, and voila! Your centerpiece is ready in a jiffy!

There are many items that can be used to make amazing centerpieces for Halloween like the jack o' lantern, wicked witches, black cats, weird aliens, zombies, skeletons, and vampires. But if you can't come up with something on your own, we've got a few suggestions for you. Take a look at these Halloween centerpieces and let's decorate your home.
Quick and Easy Centerpieces
It may seem cliché, but using pumpkins as centerpieces is a safe, yet elegant idea. There are various techniques you can use for using pumpkin as the center attraction of your table.
  • Arrange them in wicker basket
  • Place flowers in a hollow pumpkin
  • Stuff it with fake leaves
  • Carve small pumpkins
  • Place candles in a hollow pumpkin
  • Arrange in a glass jar
There's just so much to do. And all this is possible with a little bit of imagination and creativity.

Flower Power
You can go either way with flowers as your centerpieces for Halloween. Make it spooky or sweet, your guests will be left speechless. Here's how.
  • Arrange flower buds on a tray
  • Glue flowers over a pumpkin
  • Stick fake spiders on flower petals
  • Place black candles with the bouquet
  • Dried flowers with cobwebs
  • Use spooky vases
Flowers don't necessarily have to look beautiful (if you don't want them to); especially for Halloween. You can easily add as many spooky embellishment as you like.

Carriage Ride
Here's a creative idea! If you can find a small carriage (sort of like Cinderella's carriage) from a craft store, you can make a wonderful centerpiece.
  • Place a pumpkin with dried leaves
  • Fill it with flowers and mini pumpkins
  • Place small or one big candle in
  • Glue small bugs and spiders all over
  • Place cobwebs all over the carriage
  • Keep a skull inside
Aren't these ideas just fabulous! There are a ton of things that can be done here. Again, bring in as many embellishment as you can and you can really make this centerpiece fantastic.

Light Candles
Using candles for centerpieces is again a 'tried and tested' (successful) idea. And for Halloween, you too can take it to a whole new level. Using various colored candles and a few accessories will really make a difference.
  • Orange and black floating candles
  • Candles and pine cones
  • Couple of candles inside glass holders
  • Creepy insects crawling over tall candles
  • A big candle inside a carved pumpkin
  • Tall glass filled with candies and a candle on top
  • Animal-shaped candles
You can find various types of candles, especially for Halloween, in craft stores. Place the candles with care and make sure that small children are away from them.

Decorated Tray
Finally, we ask you to use your imagination and come up with something completely different. Using a tray, there can be many techniques used for a Halloween centerpiece.
  • A row of multicolored candles and dried leaves
  • Hollow pumpkin made with strings
  • An upside down skull stuffed with licorice and candy
  • A tray full of colored candies
  • Glow-in-the-dark pumpkins
  • Pumpkin made with dried orange slices
If you don't wish to use a tray, you can use coasters, small wicker baskets, etc. for your centerpieces. The point is, you need to be original.

Making centerpieces at home along with your entire family or kids is fun and is the best part of enjoying Halloween. Centerpieces found at party stores are relatively expensive, so it is pointless to use it for a day and dump it in the basement later. So try these ideas and you'll definitely have something rave about.