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How to Plan an Unforgettable Valentine's Day Party

How to Plan an Unforgettable Valentine's Day Party

Love, more than any other emotion, demands us to cherish and share it amongst ourselves, and hence, each year, we set aside a day to do just that. This Valentine's Day celebrate with your family and friends, by hosting a party that shall remain truly unforgettable until the next one!
Mukta Gaikwad
"Celebrate love. It is the breath of your existence and the best of all reasons for living."
― Anonymous
A little planning, a little preparation and plenty of love is all that is needed to throw a memorable Valentine's Day party. Though, ideally, as a host we would like about a month to plan and chalk out a party in detail. But as we don't live in an ideal world and are perpetually running short on time, planning a party may seem tough. But don't lose heart, we, at Buzzle, have put together a handy planner to help you throw a party that lives up to its reputation, and proves your mettle as a party-planner.

To begin with, here's a printable Valentine's Day party checklist to guide you through the timeline of the party, and the things that need to be done.
Things To-Do
Items Notes
1 Week
Take an actual headcount of the guests
Confirm your food orders
Hire extra staff
Purchase your party favors and the decorations
4 Days
Start decorating
Make the items that can be frozen until the party
2 Days
Wash the dishes, polish silver, and get the glasses ready
Iron linen such as tablecloths, napkins, etc.
Go through your checklist to know you have done everything so far
1 Day
Place frozen food in the refrigerator to defrost
Pick up fresh flowers or have them delivered
Pick up perishable items such as salads, meat, and bread
Lay your table
Semi-prepare your food items
12 Hours
Start preparing the food
Chill the white wine, soda, and other aerated drinks
Dust and clean the party area for the final time
4-7 Hours
Place the flower arrangements as decided
Set up the bar
Get some rest
1 Hour
Get ready
Get set to party!

Before you begin filling up the planner, consider the following:
Thematic Approach
Valentine's Day theme
A theme is the soul of any party. It is the most important ingredient that brings a party to life. As it is Valentine's Day, the thematic approach will tiptoe around love, but variations of it will surely add a dash of interest. For instance, Retro Love, Fire and Ice, Hide and Seek, Fairytale Love, and so on, could be the themes for your party.
Setting the Mood
Valentine's Day party mood
Setting up the mood for the party is very important, as it helps breaks the ice among your guests, and gets the party rolling. As this is a Valentine's Day party, set the mood with dim lighting, aromatic candles, and thematic decorations such as balloons.
Devouring Dishes
Valentine's Day party food
Your devouring menu has to be well-planned for the Valentine's Day party. If you are cooking at home, ensure that the menu is easy to prepare. Finger foods are a good option in case you have more than ten guests for the party. You can have just one main course and some ready-made delectable desserts. Put a little extra effort in the presentation of your food. For instance, stick to a color theme, or have interesting shapes like hearts, or messages on your food items. Adding these sweet touches will surely make your party unforgettable for your guests.
Interesting Invites
Valentine's Day party invite
Sending party invites is an essential aspect of party planning. But avoid the techno-savvy invites, and get a little vintage to bring on the charm. To ensure that you receive only positive replies, send out unique invites. For instance, send a gift-wrapped box with some goodies which hold the invite for the party. An idea that is different, always sells. So, get as creative as you can with your invites.Interesting Invites
Party Games
Valentine's Day party games
No party is ever complete without games. And a Valentine's Day party indeed needs to have its share of games. If anyone volunteers, set up a Kiss Booth for your guests. Maybe, you could recover your entire party expenditure! Another interesting game is a masquerade party. Send the masks along with the invitations so that your guests can arrive wearing these masks. Before the clock strikes 12, each person has to find their partner. It would be interesting to watch chaotic mix-ups! After all, the agenda is to make the party memorable.
Memorable Favors
Valentine's Day party favors
Party favors are a way of thanking your guests for being a part of your celebrations and making them memorable. Now that they've done their part, it is time you appreciate their presence, but in a way that will be remembered. Scented drawer sachets, a bleeding heart plant, a goodies basket, and other things that will be used and cherished for some time.
An Element of Surprise
Valentine's Day party surprise
Plan a surprise for your guests. You can plan a love tarot reading, or exchange of secret messages with a game of Fish Bowl, or interesting giveaways such as lingerie coupons for women, which may work for men too!
Let's hope planning an unforgettable Valentine's Day party doesn't seem all that difficult now. If you are serving alcohol, make sure everyone at the party is above the legal drinking age. Always, plan ahead of time to make your party a true success.