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Stuff You Should Not Buy Before Christmas

Stuff You Should Not Buy Before Christmas

Christmastime is the time to eat, drink, celebrate, and shop. However, if you are among those who care about bargains, discounts, and saving deals, this CelebrationJoy article has a list of stuff you should not consider buying before Christmas.
Shalu Bhatti
Why Should You Not Buy?
The logic is simple. Soon after Christmas comes Boxing Day, and most of the products will go on sale. Also, as the new season begins, new products are launched, reducing the price of the old ones. So, wait and reap the benefits by saving up to 40% or more.

We agree that the holiday season happens to bring out the shopaholic in all of us. And yes, we also know that most of you would have satiated your shopping spree during the sales that took place during Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, but isn't there always room for more? The spirit is willing, but the wallet is weak.
It is natural for us to feel tempted to buy something for ourselves when we see these fancy-looking stores showcasing various alluring products. Who wants to just pass by the store without checking out the product? And while we think that 'inquiring' is all we will do, we don't even realize how the salesperson talks us out into purchasing the product. Our advice: Hold your horses. You can't really help it if you need to buy a product as a Christmas gift for a loved one. However, if you want something for yourself, wait until after Christmas, especially, if the list contains the products mentioned below.
DealNews―a leading website that offers numerous products at discounted prices, recently published their market study in this area. They evaluated the sales trend of the past year, and the recent product launches that are to take place shortly after Christmastime. The following list is based on DealNews reports.
1. Clothing and Accessories

According to the website, on Boxing Day, Dec 26th, almost all clothing brands will have discounts. However, based on the trends observed in the past few years, it is recommended to look for brands such as GAP, French Connection, Banana Republic, and Club Monaco. The shopping sites recommended in this category when it comes to major discounts were, Saks Fifth Avenue and 6PM.
We also consider January to be a good time to shop for winter wear, especially if you wish to stock it up for the next season. The reason being that most stores wish to clear their old stock after the festivals are over. Post Christmas, there isn't any occasion that will call for their sale, therefore, prices tend to drop, making it the ideal time to shop.
2. Consumer Electronics

DealNews claims that the best time to buy consumer electronics, including branded HDTVs, starts from January and extends throughout the month of February. The logic? With manufacturers launching new models next year, it is bound to affect the prices of the 2013 models, meaning, they will be available at a lower price. You can expect heavy discounts on Panasonic plasmas, and products such as Android tablets, high-end laptops, digital cameras, and HDTVs.
3. Fitness Gear

We know how Thanksgiving begins a series of festive eating and drinking, which doesn't end properly until after Christmas, or perhaps New Year! Though you may have noticed that belly protruding, and the right thing to do may seem like buying fitness gear, wait till the next month arrives. DealNews suggests to look out for stores including Athleta, REI, and Joe's New Balance; these reportedly had discounts of 50%, 50%, and 60%, respectively in the previous year.
4. Furniture

Wish to buy a new bed, mattress, or perhaps, replace the old furniture with something more trendy? It is reported that the new 2014 furniture collection will be released by manufacturers in the month of February. This means that the stores will start clearing their old stock in the month of January. Some great deals are expected from retailers including Home Depot and Pottery Barn. Also, it has been observed since the past two years that US-Mattress, during the Pre-New Year Sale, has had heavy discounts of up to 60% on selected items.
5. Christmas Decorations

You must be wondering, how is it that Christmas is not the best time to buy Christmas decorations? Well, here's why: We agree that there is no logic in buying Christmas decorations after the very occasion is over; however, if you are among those who are farsighted, in other words, plan well in advance for the future, post season is a good time to buy some amazing decorations at discounted prices, and use them next year. DealNews states that last year, Home Depot and Lowe's had up to 75% off on all Christmas decorations. If you are a chocolate lover, they recommend to look out for Godiva, which typically has a 40% off post season. Neiman Marcus is also worth keeping an eye on, as last year, they offered up to 51% off on Godiva chocolates.
Bottom Line: Boxing day is just round the corner and so is New Year. A little bit of patience and planning can get you some great discounts and save you a great deal of money. For now, just start with signing up for e-mail alerts on prominent retail websites and stores. Happy holidays!