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Creative Anniversary Cards That Will Be Appreciated a Lot

Printable Anniversary Cards
When choosing anniversary cards, there are certain important things you need to consider. Read on to know more.
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Last Updated: Feb 20, 2018
Anniversary cards, when personalized add a beautiful touch. To make them even more special you can always put a hand written message on it, and give the cards along with the gifts that you have chosen. Depending upon the anniversary occasion, and the person you are giving the card to, you need to select the card design and the message properly.
» Anniversary Cards
Given below are three printable anniversary cards, which you can print and give it to somebody special. You can write your own personalized message in them to make the card more unique. So, once you are done downloading the card of your choice you can print it on card stock or vellum paper.

Make sure you arrange the card in a graphic software properly before giving the print command, so that the entire design fits on the card. Then you can write the personalized message in the card. You can attach a small embellishment to the card if required.
» Selecting the Perfect Anniversary Card
Are you wondering about how to design anniversary cards and the right messages to put in them? Here are some pointers.
anniversary card
What is the Occasion?
It is very important to design a card according to the anniversary. Are you looking for a printable wedding anniversary greeting card? Are you looking for a card for a couple's 25th or 50th anniversary? Are you looking for a card for a person or couple celebrating the anniversary of their business establishment? Are you looking for cards for 'parents'? Or are you looking for cards for 'him' or 'her'? Once you have answered these questions, it will be easier to design the card. The occasion will determine the kind of card you should choose. You need to use graphics on your card, according to the recipient of your card and ensure that you accompany it with an appropriate message.
How to Select the Graphics?
You should select the graphics on the card, according to the person or couple you are giving the card to. Is the person or couple you are giving the card to, funny, into sports, nature, or is the person romantic, emotional, etc.? Find out what your recipient likes, and use the related graphics. You can also choose graphics according to what the couple means to you, or what you mean to them. Look on the internet for sites for design ideas, and design something similar and add a personal message.
anniversary card wishes
For a couple celebrating their wedding anniversary, you can select designs like hearts to represent love and warmth, flowers to represent beauty, champagne bottle to represent celebration, a funny cartoon of a couple for couples who like humor, silver wedding bells, or bold and big letters with 25th or 50th printed on it. For business anniversary cards, select sober designs that show achievement. Some examples are a picture of a person climbing a peak and having almost scaled the mountain top, a person climbing a ladder, some elegant floral design with happy anniversary text in big letters, etc. When selecting cards for him or her, you need to add a personal touch. To design the card, you can try some ideas like a picture of both of you together, a collage of the times you spend together, two hearts, a couple kissing, a couple of a prince and princess, roses, hearts, etc.
anniversary card best wishes
What to Write in the Card?
If you are low on ideas of card content, then simply select a short poem, quote or some song lyrics which go with the occasion. There are several sites which have cards with multiple options to select the appropriate messages, so you can browse through that section too. Make sure you choose a message that goes with the graphic on top of the card. Ensure that you don't end up with a serious message in the card and a cartoon graphic or vice versa. If you are giving the card to your partner, parents, or some close friends, then it will be nicer if you write the message in your own handwriting and pen down some thoughts of your own. You can describe in the message what the person means to you.

So, surf the Internet and you will end up with search results of many sites which will give you many options of graphics, card shapes and card messages. Remember the above tips and create your own beautiful looking printable anniversary card, and accompany your cards with a good anniversary gift. If you are giving the card to your wife then consider giving gifts like necklace, chocolates, flowers, wine, or a dress. If you are giving the card to your husband then consider accompanying the card with gifts like gadgets or sports gear.
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Wedding Card
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Wedding Card
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