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Second Anniversary Gift Ideas

Second Anniversary Gift Ideas
Getting gifts for a second anniversary can be quite confusing. This story will supply you with some second anniversary gift ideas and help you to make the occasion extra special.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Mar 4, 2019
It's your second anniversary already and the confusion sets in. About the gifts, The first anniversary was special of course, and you put in a lot of thought and effort into making it special. But that does not mean you want your second anniversary to be any less special.
You want it to be just as memorable, and for that, you want some great gift ideas. The way you see it, why relegate anniversaries to simply numbers like 1st, 10th, 25th, 50th? Don't the other years count as well? Don't they lead to special moments to bank on and reach these celebrated numbers? Of course they do!
So as a tribute to that thought and especially for your second, here are some gift ideas for your second anniversary!
Traditional Second Anniversary Ideas
If one goes by traditional anniversary gifts by year, then the second year is taken as the year of 'cotton' and 'china'. But that does not mean that you cannot come up with romantic gifts just because cotton does not necessarily count in the 'romantic' or 'sexy' category. Take inspiration from these anniversary gift ideas.
These are the latest craze in the market. They're so cozy and comfortable that you'll be reluctant to get up once you sleep in them.
More awesome news? Snuggle up next to him/her when they're enjoying a leisurely afternoon on it.
Cotton Blanket or Quilt
cotton quilt
Gift him/her a soft cotton quilt that they can wrap around himself while watching TV or when lounging about reading a book.
Fluffy Slippers
Slippers and carpet
Buy him/her some extra soft, extra fluffy slippers. Imagine the feeling of comfort just lingering on and on.
Other Gift Ideas
You probably won't be as lavish in doling out gifts for the second anniversary as you did on the occasion of your first anniversary. That is understandable. But a second anniversary is just as special. Here are some of the ideas that will help you zero in on a great anniversary gift.
Pink Envelope in Denim Pocket
This one is bound to get some scorching results. So just be ready. Write him/her a letter of all the things that you want to do to him/her that night and leave it in their pocket.
There will be no better anniversary gift. In fact, you could use this one every year and they won't mind.
A Day Off
The first two years of marriage are the toughest where initial adjustment is concerned. There are bound to be certain habits that have changed.
For example, friday nights with the guys, weekend sloth, beer and burp day (just to state a few examples)... so be really, really magnanimous and let him have them back for a weekend or two (that's really up to you)! But only if he'll promise to come back to the world of the civilized after.
Spa on the Rocks
Treat her to a spa session. Once she gets a full body massage and sees heaven, she'll be in the feel-good feeling days later.
Special Buys
Think of something out of the blue like a large bottle of his favorite scotch, or her favorite perfume or something that they mentioned in passing once and surprise them like that.
A second anniversary gift can be made very, very special with a little thought and effort. Now you know exactly what to do to get there! And if you're a firm believer of the 'anniversary gifts by year' formula, then there's the traditional gifts as well. So plan in advance and make the second anniversary even more special!