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Thanksgiving Crafts for Adults

Thanksgiving Crafts for Adults
Sitting down to create thanksgiving crafts as part of such a widely celebrated holiday is not only for kids, but adults too. Let's take a look at how you can create artwork from scratch that screams Thanksgiving.
Mamta Mule
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
When the Indians and pilgrims sat down to a sumptuous meal around a roaring bonfire, the significance of the peace between the two parties sparked values that we practice and honor even today. Hospitality, love, and respect for one's neighbor, whether a stranger or otherwise, is how thanksgiving marks itself as an important holiday.

Even being grateful for the things we are fortunate enough to have and experience is put into words and actions. Whether it's a big family lunch or a beautiful dinner prepared for guests, Thanksgiving Day is incomplete without a few festive decorations and crafts.
Engaging Thanksgiving Craft Ideas for Adults
These craft ideas are going to put a different spin to your holiday spirit, where they're easy to make and even store away for the next one. Don't worry about how you're going to pull off any of these craft ideas, since the materials and tools involved aren't hard to find. If you can't find it in a store, there's always the Internet.
Gift Boxes for Treats
cardboard box
What You'll Need:
  •     Box cutter
  •     Pumpkin cookies recipe
  •     Mini jewelry gift boxes (bought from store)
  •     Colorful ribbons
  •     Pumpkin stencil (you can make one using an image printout as an alternative)

The great thing about this craft idea is that you don't have to tediously work on making the gift boxes from scratch, since incredibly affordable jewelry boxes can be bought, or old ones reused. If you have a bunch of jewelry boxes that your boudoir is excessively cramped with, then this would seem like an idyllic craft idea. If you either threw them all out or didn't have the right kind, then you can easily buy mini gift boxes from websites like papermart, who have an extensive range to choose from.

Make sure the gift box can house one cookie per encasing, or is large enough to hold a good helping of treats (refer to the images above). If you find ordinary cardboard boxes that are thin and small enough to fit one pumpkin cookie at a time (like in the above image), it would be the perfect giveaway idea for neighbors and friends. Use one face of the gift box to carve a pumpkin pattern into the cardboard, carefully extracting the snipped pieces to leave behind a beautiful cutout detail. First trace the outline of a pumpkin (or any symbolic Thanksgiving element) stencil onto the box, then use the box cutter to trace the outline of the detailing. Add the finishing touches by wrapping the box/s with bright ribbon either individually or stacked together, and you're good to go!
halloween gift box
Creative Door Tags
door tag
What You'll Need:
  •     Pencil
  •     Scissors
  •     Mini Thanksgiving cutouts (printed/stickers)
  •     Alphabet stencil
  •     Hole punch
  •     Oak tags
  •     Thick string or ribbons
  •     Poster colors (or felt-tip pens)
  •     Glue
  •     Ruler
  •     Eraser

If you find medium-sized oak tags in an oval shape (or any fun shape), it'll save time from actually cutting them out from square sheets. If not, use the ruler and pencil to lightly draw the outline of an oval-shaped object, making sure it is as large as ordinary door tags (like the kind you see hanging from hotel doorknobs; you can use a bookmark to draw it, if you'd like). Once you have your oval door tag, you can use the alphabet stencil to spell out words like, Happy Thanksgiving, Best Wishes on Thanksgiving!, Thanksgiving Joy, and such.

Feel free to use funny expressions or creative twists in the Thanksgiving message. You can use decorative stencils to border the oak tag with fun detailing, or use printout images of pumpkins, turkeys, maple leaves and the like, to place on one corner of the oak tag or in multiple spots. You can look for Thanksgiving stickers in the nearest stationery store, or order for it online along with other craft tools that you may need (check out the website zazzle (type 'Thanksgiving stickers' in the search bar), or go for the easier option of printing stickers from the website stickersandcharts from the 'holiday printables' section).

Once your message is stenciled, use the pencil to lightly trace each one; use either felt-tip pens or poster colors to fill the insides of each alphabet. Lastly, punch a single hole either at the center of your oak tag at the top, or towards one corner before slipping either thread or ribbon through it. Tie a signal knot to finish off the look. Use colorful oak tags for every room in the house, and a unique one for the main door that you can hang on the outside. Visitors will admire your creative addition besides the quintessential Thanksgiving wreath dangling from your door.
thanksgiving door tag
Indian and Pilgrim Figures
indians pilgrims card
What You'll Need:
  •     Two strips of oak tag
  •     Indian and pilgrim printouts (if you can find Thanksgiving finger puppets that fit over the shakers, then that'd be great)
  •     Salt and pepper shakers (preferably similar to the above image)
  •     Glue

Search for images like the ones you see in the above representation, and use one of each kind depending on how many figures you want to display. Once you have your cutouts ready, measure the base of your salt and pepper shakers using the strip of oak tag. Cut the strips accordingly and glue the Indian/pilgrim cutout at its center (do this for all). Wrap the strip around the base of the shaker, gluing the two ends where they meet. It's a cinch! You could also use Thanksgiving finger puppets (which you can look for in a store or on the Internet) that can fit snugly slip over your salt and pepper shakers. Place these at the center of the table to add a touch of something special to the centerpiece, that you've lovingly made by hand.
wooden spice shakers
Thanksgiving Invitation Cards
Thanksgiving invitation
What You'll Need:
  •     Black ink pen
  •     Thanksgiving stickers
  •     Thanksgiving card template (search for samples similar to the above images)
  •     Oak tag square cutouts
  •     Thanksgiving self-inking stamps (optional)
  •     Festive envelopes (or plain)

You can print templates with Thanksgiving elements on them, or make one yourself using oak tags. Cut the oak tag in a rectangular shape, doubling this size so that you can fold your card if you'd like. Decorate the front (and inside) using stickers, printouts of symbolic Thanksgiving artwork, stencils, or using poster colors if you're good at painting. Add your wording to the front of the card or within the folds depending on which kind of design option you go with. Use the black ink pen to give it a clean look; be careful not to smudge the ink before slipping it into the envelope. Let it first dry; lightly tap your finger over the text to make sure it isn't still wet.

The self-inking stamps can be a nice addition; check out local stores for this craft tool or use the Internet to find a set (Amazon should be able to assist you). You can experiment with paper types besides oak tag, like textured, colored, parched, or scented. Inscribe the name of the receiver on the front of the envelope along with his/her address and a postal stamp.
Thanksgiving invitation card
Gratitude Box
thanksgiving butterfly gift box
What You'll Need:
  •     Tape
  •     Mathematical compass or circular object
  •     Box cutter
  •     Spray paint (festive colors - orange, red, yellow, green, brown, and gold)
  •     Empty hat box
  •     Poster board
  •     Pencil
  •     Decorative design stencils
  •     Glue

Take a portion of poster board and trace the circumference of a medium-sized circular object (for the box base), or use a mathematical compass to draw the shape. To cut out the poster board, use the box cutter to carefully slice its way around the pencil's outline. Once you have your desired shape, place it above a second poster board surface (for the box lid) and measure 1/8th of an inch away from the circular poster board's edge. Draw another circle around it using the mathematical compass, making sure to maintain the distance measured, cutting it with the box cutter again.

You will now have two circles of poster board (one slightly bigger than the other). Using a long strip of poster board, place this along each circle's circumference and mark the spot where the two ends meet; cut it down to size. The first strip's height should be high enough to form the box's body, where the second one should be of medium height to create the box's lid. Use sandpaper on both circles and strips to give them a smooth finish, especially the edges. Once you have the two strips ready, glue the ends together to form two rings. The first ring (the wider strip) should be glued and then taped down firmly to the circular poster board that forms the box's base (smaller circle). The second should be affixed likewise.

Make sure both circles are secure and not wobbly, using strong glue and tape to keep it in place. Use the stencils to spray paint a variety of prints on the box, or glue decorative paper to the box. Let it dry for a while before using it. You can add detailing to the box like a rope dangling across the front from two punctured spots on either side, if you'd like. After it dries up, cut a slit on the top of the box; it should be wide enough to slip written notes through (like a piggy bank). Place the box in an idyllic location in your home and have visitors and family members drop in their anonymous gratitude notes; it can be read aloud to everyone post the celebratory meal.
thanksgiving leather gift box
These Thanksgiving craft ideas are a good pastime for adults who wish to do a little something extra this holiday. Be sure to experiment with a ton of ways on how you can create artwork that is worthy of putting up on display. Happy Thanksgiving!
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