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Memorable 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Parents

50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Parents
Completing half a century of togetherness definitely calls for a celebration; every married couple dreams about celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. The moment is not just special for the couple, but for all the family members and friends alike.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Last Updated: Feb 9, 2018
Plan a Fiftieth Anniversary
A 50th wedding anniversary is a special occasion, and definitely deserves a grand celebration. Very few can actually see their dream of celebrating half a century of marital bliss come true; so, if the celebrating couple happens to be your parents, you must be ready with an awesome gift. The couple deserve a great bash and a gift they will cherish for the rest of their life.
Get together
Parents always yearn to see their children and grandchildren, who may have moved miles away in pursuit of their careers. Hence, a family get-together is the best gift you can give your parents on their big day. You can plan a vacation with the entire family, or a small a small picnic, or even a barbecue with all the family members.
You can ask your siblings and other family members to contribute, so that the entire family can organize it together. However, you'll need meticulous planning and a great deal of support from your family members. This gift is guaranteed to be unforgettable for your parents.
Luxury cruise
If your parents love to travel and have always wanted to visit a vacation place together, then this is the time to fulfill their wish. Send them off to a beach vacation in the Bahamas, or Hawaii. Luxury cruises are a great option, too. If you have siblings, take their opinion as well, and ask them to contribute.
If cruises are very extravagant and beyond your budget, then gift them an all-expenses-paid trip to a destination of their choice. However, remember to ask your parents before making any arrangement.
Gift your parents a bed and breakfast gift certificate. Choose a place close by, preferably, some place they have expressed an interest in visiting. You can even buy such gift certificates.
Gift certificate
It is unlikely that the couple will cook for themselves (at least on their anniversary), gift certificates to a number of fine dining restaurants would be a great idea. You can ask them to use one voucher every week to commemorate their wedding month. You can also take them out on their anniversary to their favorite restaurant.
Video memoir
Throwing a party for the couple is pretty obvious, but a golden anniversary asks for much more than just a party. A video can also do the trick. Record messages from the guests and present them as a memorabilia. They will surely enjoy reminiscing about old times.
You may also invite all the relatives and friends of your parents. Meeting old friends and family always calls for happy and precious moments. Ask the guests to write notes about any cherished moments with your parents. Frame these notes later, and present it to the couple.
Photo album
Ask all your siblings to make a memory book! Just collect photographs of you with your parents and the kids with their grandparents. Paste them in the book and write something about each photograph. Present them to the couple. They will definitely love it.
Renew the vows
Fifty years of marriage is not something that everyone gets to celebrate. So, for the lucky couple who have spent their life with each other for 50 prosperous years, renewing their wedding vows would be a truly heart-warming feeling. Surprise your parents by gathering the entire family and renewing their vows. It need not be a formal event, a simple one will do.
Gifting a collection of photographs may sound clich├ęd; however, there is always room for innovation. You can frame the wedding picture of the couple in a gold-embossed frame, or make a collage of some special photos of the couple together. Another great idea would be to get a handmade portrait of your parent's wedding photograph. You can also frame a huge photograph of the entire family with the couple and present it to them. They will cherish it forever.
The most important thing that you must remember while looking for a gift is that it has to be innovative and chosen with utmost love and care. It need not be expensive, or traditional, but should definitely reflect your attempts to make your parents feel special and proud on their big day.
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