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Tips to Make a Grim Reaper Costume at Home

Tips to Make a Grim Reaper Costume at Home

If you're looking for a Halloween costume that will please your pockets and also be convincing, the Grim Reaper costume is the perfect one! CelebrationJoy provides you with some tips to help you make a Grim Reaper costume at home.
Neha B Deshpande
The Angel of Death
Grim Reaper is synonymous with death. While all cultures have different versions of angels of death, the Grim Reaper is usually symbolized by a skeleton wrapped up in a black cloak, holding a scythe.
Halloween is here! And you're busy picking up a costume, but this year, you decide to be the 'Angel of Death'....well, luckily, to dress up like Grim Reaper is relatively simple, and you can easily make one at home with very little investment! A familiar monster, you can try this one out, though it may appear bit of 'old school', with so many 'new monsters and evils' provided by movies to dress up for Halloween.

Yet, if you're in awe with this soul-sucking, black hooded, skeleton, make this costume at home instead of rushing to your nearest art store to buy them. Though readymade Grim Reaper costumes are available in the market, it could be simply fun to get creative and rack your brains to make the best out of the available resources. And if you're a parent, nothing better than spending time with your little one creating this easy costume. So we, at Buzzle, have furnished some tips to make this costume at home.
Things you'll need before starting.
For the cloak
Black fabric or Black jacket with a hood
pin/brooch, if you're using fabric

For the skeleton look
Skeleton mask and hands or Face paint

For the scythe
Aluminum foil or Silver paint
Making the Black Cloak
Using Fabric

You'll need a black fabric (in case you don't have one, dye a white sheet into black color). If you are good in sewing skills, you can stitch a cloak from the fabric.

If you don't want any needle work, blanket your body with the fabric (with head covered). Use either a stiff fabric or use double layers by folding it to make it stiff.

After you veil or cover your head, use a pin or a brooch to fasten the fabric around your neck to form a hood.
Alternatively, if you have a black jacket with a hood, wear a black cape over it, instead of pinning the fabric around your neck.

Make sure the fabric is long enough to cover your legs. Wear black apparels (black shirt and pant or a long coat) underneath the fabric, and of course, do not forget black socks and shoes.

Use safety pins to secure the drape around the shoulders, and tie a black belt or a rope around your waist to get the right look. Make sure, you can move freely in the robe―you want to scare people, not become a butt of their jokes by stumbling around.
Creating the Skeleton Look
For the face

Use a skeleton mask, which is easily available at your art store, and apply black face paint below your eyes to give them that extra effect.

Use face paint to give a convincing skeleton look to your face. However, if you're not good at it, I suggest you take help from someone who is good at it. Apply black paint to the tip of your nose so that it appears hollow.

Highlight the bones of the visible side of your neck in white so that it gives a skeleton effect to the face.

For the hands

Of course, you can buy customized skeleton hands in the market, but you can paint the bones in white, and apply black nail polish to your hands. Try to ensure that only your palms are visible.

You could also use black gloves and paint finger bones on them.
Making the Scythe
Draw the shape of a scythe on a cardboard and cut it out.

Cover the shape with aluminum or silver foil. Alternatively, you could also use silver color spray paint.

Use a stick or a pipe, and paint it with black or brown color, and attach the scythe cutout to the stick/pipe.
Something Extra
You can paint the human skeleton on your robe.

You could team it up with some accessories, such as skull-shaped belts around the waist, or a necklace of little skulls.

For the ladies, you can modify the costume to make it more lady like. But of course, it won't resemble the authentic Grim Reaper look, just a costume inspired by the Grim Reaper look. You can wear your little black dress and paint a human skeleton on it, and team it with black and silver skull-shaped accessories.
Some Inspiration
Grim reaper costume kid
Kid wearing Grim Reaper's costume with a skeleton painted on it.
Grim reaper makeup
Don the Grim Reaper look by using face paint.
Grim reaper white
A modified version of the Grim Reaper costume―use a white robe instead of the traditional black.
Grim reaper costume adult
A smart way to give the skeleton look to your hands―paint them on your gloves!
Well, you can ways go a little unconventional in your look, flirt with new ideas to achieve your very own unique 'Grim Reaper' look. There is ample scope to experiment; for example, you could tatter the ends of your dress, or add artificially-designed cobwebs to enhance the scary look. In the spirit of Halloween, we hope you can create a convincing Grim Reaper.