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12 Remarkable and Creative Church Anniversary Celebration Ideas

12 Church Anniversary Celebration Ideas
Is the anniversary of your church coming up? Do you want to celebrate and make it a special occasion for everyone to remember? CelebrationJoy comes up with some ideas that you can use to celebrate your church anniversary.
Deepa Karandikar
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
"Praise the Lord! Praise God in his sanctuary; praise him in his mighty heavens! Praise him for his mighty deeds; praise him according to his excellent greatness!"
― Psalm 150:1-6
The Lord always showers blessings on us in abundance. The anniversary of a church is one such wonderful time to be grateful to the Lord. This is an occasion to acknowledge how benevolent God has been to the church. This is also an excellent opportunity to gather everyone to celebrate this event―the present and former pastors of your church and other churches, and the members of your church and even other churches. The church anniversary celebrations give you a reason to reach out to everyone, reinforce their faith, and have pure unadulterated enjoyment.

A church anniversary is an occasion that is worth planning for. A celebration such as this gives us a chance to escape from the daily humdrum of life, and enables us to discover who we are, taking us back to our roots. Here are some ideas you can use to plan your church's anniversary, with the help of your fellow members.
Give a presentation; invite members and guests to speak
man giving speech
Have people speaking about how the church has helped them
You can either ask people to write or come up and talk about how the church has made a difference in their lives. You can publish these memoirs in a book and put each memoir on display every week. You can also ask some people to talk about their experiences with everyone.
  • Give a presentation and write a book on the history of the church
    Collect all the pictures right from the inception of the church. Look into the archives, and make a list of the pastors, elders, and deacons who have been in service in the church; also collect their portraits and biographies. Gather information about the service projects of the church, including newspaper articles about the church and letters received from members. Put these together into a presentation, which can be shown to everyone on the anniversary day. Publish a book commemorating the history of the church and distribute it to the audience.
  • Plan a lecture series
    You can plan a special series of lectures to be delivered each week about various topics concerning life, and invite guest speakers for the same.
Honor individuals for service to humanity
This is the time to encourage people for doing service. You can recognize the people who are involved with service projects of the church. You can also honor other individuals like teachers, doctors, etc., for their service to humanity. You can invite a chief guest to give the award.
Have a special anniversary hymn
Honor individuals for service to humanity
You can identify talented lyricists, composers, and singers from amongst your members. Ask them to write and compose a special anniversary hymn and sing it out on that day. This will surely make the day special
Add some new feature to the church
Have a special anniversary hymn
To mark this event,you can add some new feature or a memorial to the church like a new stained glass window or a cross. You can also plant a tree. Plan well in advance so that you can unveil the new feature on the anniversary day. The unveiling can be a much-awaited event and can be done from a senior member, a former pastor, or the chief guest.
Organize a blood donation drive
add some new feature to the church
You can organize a blood donation drive on this day and ask members of the church to donate. This is a good service project that can be carried out within one day. It will also send a warm message of love and caring within the community.
Organize a feast or a banquet
organize a feast or a banquet
You can organize a special feast or a banquet for all the members on the anniversary day. You can ask the members with good culinary skills for suggestions regarding this. It can be cooked by the good cooks from among the members of the church. You can have the teenagers serving at the tables. You can call in some homeless and needy people, and offer them food.
Plan for a skit
have a skit being performed
Ask interested members to do a skit showcasing the history and the service of the church. You can have plays pertaining to other biblical or social topics as well. Appoint your church members to be actors, directors, writers, and singers for this event.
Organize a talent show
organize a talent show
This is a great time to bring out the hidden talent from among the members! Considering the gifts of your members, you can organize performances showcasing their talents. You can have musical performances, poetry recitals, storytelling, and so on. You may or may not distribute prizes. However, distributing a memento to all the participants will be very encouraging for them!
Organize an art exhibition
organize an art exhibition
You can organize an art exhibition in which works of art created by members can be put on display. You can also put these works of art on sale and donate the collected amount for some charity.
Organize an essay writing competition
organize an essay writing competition for the kids
You can organize an essay writing competition for the kids based on the teachings of the Bible. This will develop an interest in the new generation about the Bible. You can compile these essays in a book. You can display each essay every week on the notice board. You can also publish these essays in the church newsletter.
Put together a church cookbook
put together a church cookbook
You can ask members of the church to contribute recipes and put together a cookbook that can be released on the anniversary day. The proceedings from the sale of the book can be utilized for charity.
Distribute souvenirs
distribute souvenirs
You can distribute keepsakes like books, key chains, video CDs, photo albums, etc., to the members as a remembrance of this event. You can also compile the life experiences of the members, who have had experienced God's grace in various ways in their lives, into a book and distribute it to everyone. Don't forget to videotape the entire occasion. You can also call the media to cover the event.
Tips to Plan in Advance
To plan a successful celebration, you require meticulous planning, thorough preparation, and effective execution.
  1. To begin with, decide the date and time when you want the celebrations to happen. You should also decide the duration of your celebrations; whether you want to plan it for one day, the whole season, or the entire year.
  2. Appoint a steering committee that will be responsible for the planning, preparation, and execution of the entire event and a chairperson of the committee. Appoint committees for decoration, history, costumes, music, invitations, hospitality, publicity, exhibitions, etc.
  3. Plan the meetings of the committees and discuss the responsibilities of each committee.
  4. Plan the exact details of the celebrations.
These are some ideas that you can use to celebrate your church anniversary. You can think of more ideas that will unite the community and foster brotherhood and harmony.
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