Ideas for 20th Anniversary Gift

Whether it's your wedding anniversary, or someone else's, there are tons of gifts to choose from. Read the Buzzle article for some ideas for 20th anniversary gift, no matter who it may be for.
A milestone in a few couples' lives, a 20th anniversary is an event for grand celebration. It is a night filled with fun and laughter, friends and family, great food, delightful music, and plenty gifts. With all the preparations for the event and its celebration, you really don't want to forget about the perfect gift to your better-half. Not to worry, just sit back and relax, and let us take care of all your requirements.

Modern Gift Ideas

In today's time, couples are looking for modern anniversary gifts for their spouses. And with the changing times, platinum is the modern take of giving gifts for this milestone in your lives.

Platinum Record
Over the years, you must've heard and seen many musicians play. Get his/her favorite band's platinum record and gift him/her as your platinum gift. You can find a place to hang it in your house or bedroom for it will serve as a memory of your anniversary. Also, it's a great way to symbolize the years you have spent together, the ups and downs in your lives, the happiness shared, the bad times you came out of, and so much more.

Single Platinum Rose
One of the most beautiful gift ideas is a real rose preserved by dipping it in platinum. This process of dipping the real rose conserves it for generations to come, and captures the rose's natural beauty. So, instead of giving her flowers that will wilt away in few days, the platinum rose will stay for eternity.

Traditional Gift Ideas

If you are a traditional, old-fashioned person who likes to stick to the basics while giving gifts, then the following ideas might just be for you. Here are some gift ideas designed according to the specific year.

Revisiting Your Wedding Day
No, I'm not talking about going down memory lane. Keeping the traditional theme alive, why not extend or replace your china that perhaps got broken or lost in all these years. You can also buy new porcelain plates, bowls, and entire sets to surprise your spouse. There are many marvelous china patterns available in most departmental stores that will just blow you away. A quick advice to men who have never, in all those 20 years been out shopping for china, take your wife along before you select any particular pattern of china. This shopping spree will bring back sweet memories of you two shopping for china at the time of your wedding.

Trip to China
One of the most wonderful and surprising gifts, spend some quality time away from work and home, just the two of you. It can be a week or two weeks long trip to celebrate your marriage and commitment to one another. Vacations are always a great way to enjoy a new and adventurous place together; plus, you can surprise her and exchange vows again while you're there. It's a beautiful way to rekindle your love, and make your marriage that much stronger.

Other Gift Ideas
  • Custom china cake plate
  • China basket
  • China figurines
  • Platinum jewelry
  • China plates that match your wedding china
  • Wedgwood china vase
If you are attending a family or friends' anniversary party, then this article can help you with some wonderful gift ideas for the happy couple. You don't have to be worried about what to buy or if you'll be presenting an event appropriate gift. The ideas that are mentioned in the article can just as well be presented by you at the time of the event. Have fun while you shop and remember, any gift that comes from the heart is always priceless.
China's antique vase
Easter bunny figurine
Basket of China
White three floor dish for candies
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