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Fake Snow Decoration

Fake Snow Decoration

If Christmas is around the corner, and you live in a place where it doesn't snow, you can either buy artificial snow or make it at home. This write-up gives fake snow decoration ideas along with instructions for making faux snow at home.
Smita Pandit
Though it is fun to make snow angels or snowmen from real snow, at places where it doesn't snow much, one can use artificial snow. Faux snow certainly comes in handy when you want to make a snow globe or decorate a Christmas tree. Amusement parks and ski resorts often use machines for creating artificial snow for activities like sledding and skiing. If you want an elaborate fake snow decoration for your snow party and you are willing to spend a larger amount of money, you could also buy such a machine. If you want to make it at home, you can follow the instructions given below.

Things You Need
  • Cotton
  • Styrofoam packing balls
  • Potato Flakes
  • Soap Flakes
  • White paper

If you don't wish to use faux snow powder or spray, you could use any of aforementioned products for making artificial snow. Here's what you need to do:
  • Cut paper into tiny pieces and mix it with starch and cellulose.
  • Tear cotton into tiny shreds. Add glitter to it and scatter it around. You could also add glue to the shredded cotton to create a pile.
  • Add water to soap flakes or sodium polyacrylate crystals, till you get a consistency you desire. Keep it in the freezer for a while and your snowflakes are ready. Soap flakes and crystals should be kept away from very young children, so that they don't swallow it.
Ideas for Decorating with Fake Snow

With winter around, all kids look forward for it to snow. But if it doesn't snow, don't be sad. You can make snow sculptures with artificial snow. If you are planning a snow party, you could decorate your home with faux snow.

Make Snow Angels
Kids who enjoy crafts will love making snow angels or snow sculptures with faux snow. Use shredded cotton and buy bows, mufflers, and other accessories for it. Though making sculptures with real snow is much more enjoyable, why drop your plans because it didn't snow!

Decorate the Christmas Tree
Decorate the Christmas tree with the faux snow you prepared at home. Though canned sprays are available for this purpose and can be used on wreaths, windows, and on your Christmas tree, be careful while using the spray. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Get colorful bows, ribbons, and other items for decorating your Christmas tree. Put shredded silver metallic wrapping paper to the shredded cotton and scatter it near the fireplace, along with other decorative items. Use it for decorating the Christmas tree. You can also make snowballs and spray glitter on them. These can be hanged on the tree.

You can also mix kosher salt and baby powder to make artificial snow, and put it on the Christmas tree branches, mantel, or window sills for decorating your home during Christmas or during a snow party.
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