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50th Anniversary Toasts That'll Leave You in a Puddle of Happy Tears

50th Anniversary Toasts
50th anniversary has to be a special occasion. It is not a mean feat to have so many years of marital bliss and still go strong. Check out the article below to get ideas on toasts for this occasion.
Medha Godbole
Last Updated: Feb 9, 2018
Celebrating A Life Lived Together
Michelle and William made a beautiful couple portrait, a portrait of a couple who is totally in love with each other. No wonder they were happily married and not just for a mere 20 years or something but for 50 years! Wow! Their kids planned a grand celebration with toast, et al.
Couple Celebrating With Champagne
It is not everyday that you come across couples that have been in a wedlock for half a century. It is a golden jubilee and it calls for nothing less than a special wedding anniversary celebration.
It is a huge time span and there has been too much water under the bridge. Thus considering the special sentiments and the bond between the couple, it calls for a wedding speech or toast.
Anniversary Toasts Ideas for Parents
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Before we present some ideas to you, it is important to plan the toast well in advance. After planning and deciding upon the theme or the idea, it would be a good idea to rehearse. After all it has to be perfect, right? It has to make an impact as well should be full of sentiments.
Idea #1
Well, then to start off, you can narrate or tell a story portraying the nature of relationship of the wonderful couple. The toast can include the secrets which have kept their marital life refreshing and iconic for those around the couple. It should revolve around the couple.
Idea #2
If you have a funny bone, then this is for you. But this comes with a disclaimer. If you are not endowed with a good sense of humor, please do not try it. Give a teasing anecdote or add your classic humorous touch. Funny toasts always makes for a good show stealer. You can have funny lines from a poem or come up with some funny lines on your own. A good laugh is always cherished!
Idea #3
Quotable quotes is the way to go when you cannot think of anything else. If your toast is not too flashy or funny or sentimental, a nice quote, preferably a witty or a funny quote can add that zing. Quotes make the toast stand out and if people are not paying attention to you for any reason, a quote can get it back. You can get umpteen quotes and sayings on the Internet, which can use very well.
Idea #4
The best way is to chuck all the jazz and humor involved in any of the anniversary toasts and make it short and simple. Speak from your heart, be genuine, and say what you really feel and admire about the couple. This is not to say that you do not rehearse it well in advance. You have to, they are your parents after all. Thus, at least penning down what you want to say will prove to be helpful even though you may not practice it.
Idea #5
Pen down an original song that revolves around the life of the couple, featuring some important events in their life-like their first meet, their wedding and all. Add a piece of music to it if you can. Sing the song whiling toasting for the couple. Feelings can be best expressed when written in form of a song. Just make sure the song is not too long else the couple will be bored rather than feeling happy!
Ideas for Toasts By Spouses
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These toasts can be given by one of the spouses too, in honor of the other. In this case, you can just say express your feelings in a loving way. Few of them are:
  • Shower your partner with lots of love and praise and banter.
  • Tell your partner what you like most about him or her.
  • Tell him or her that you appreciate their support during the not-so-good times.
  • Make them feel nostalgic by reminding them of the firsts that you had, like, your first meeting, first date, first kiss, etc.
It can be real fun and honor. Please do not goof it up! Your partner will surely have tears in their eyes by the end of the toast.
Seniors Enjoying Themselves