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50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Wife

50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Wife

Celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary soon and don't know what sort of gift to get for your wife make for a great choice? Read the following article for some unique ideas.
Rujuta Borkar
Fickle romances and summer flings would not get what 50 years as a couple means. Ask any of the teens of today and 50 years will seem like an impossible, unfathomable period for most. Beyond comprehension and beyond understanding. But that is not what it means to you. You've been with your wife for 50 long years and it's something that most will envy you for. To share that bond with someone and have someone you can call your own, understand that person, and love her every quirk. 50 years. And on that 50th wedding anniversary, there have to be some special wedding anniversary gifts for your wife. But what? What do you give her that hasn't already been given? How do you show what she means to you? Maybe some of these 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas will help.

The Gift Of Time
Were you one of those who was always busy? A career that needed to be settled? A job that required your unparalleled attention? And in all of that the wife and kids needed to be brave enough to understand and support? Time. Give her time. Promise to spend time with her. And I don't mean a stipulated, calculated time like 4-5 in the eve from Monday to Thursday, no. Be there for her in its true sense. Spend time with her. Pick up on what you missed out in all those years. Nothing else will be more precious.

The Gift of Memories
50 years. An eternity of memories. Take her through your journey together by gathering all of them up for her. What am I talking about? Photos packed away in an exquisite album, videos of your previous anniversaries together, video bites of all the family member and friends... something that she can always keep close to her heart and look at from time to time. The perfect anniversary gift.

The Gift of Gold
If you believe in gifting her anniversary gifts by years married, then gold is the theme of this anniversary. Besides, gold jewelry is really not overrated. But if it's not jewelry you want to go in for, you could always use your creativity and come up with gold-plated photo frames or books instead. That is always a viable option.

The Gift of Fulfilling Dreams
Dreams. Small or big. They could be as simple as singing at a karaoke or visiting a far away place. Fulfill that dream.

The Letter of 50 Years
Gift your wife a token from each year that you've been married. It does not have to be a physical gift it could be a letter that takes her through a journey of your time together. For example in your first year of marriage if you guys stayed at a rented home and saved for a new one, then write about that in brief. Similarly for all other years or the ones of significance―like when your kids were born, maybe?

And now you know. Do you have a perfect gift in mind yet?
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