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Top 10 Scariest Halloween Monsters

Top 10 Scariest Halloween Monsters
It is Halloween, and we all want to dress up and scare! We, at CelebrationJoy, have come up with a list of top 10 Halloween monsters who are expert at keeping up with the spooky tradition!
Neha B Deshpande
Interestingly, there are some who claim that humans like being scared. Yes, we do enjoy thrilling experiences, because even with fear and increasing palpitations, we all are curious to know the unknown! That explains our hunger for horror movies, and a plethora of horror comics we find in the market, and also the rush at 'Haunted Houses' for recreation!
Come Halloween, and we all get busy in finding newer and spookier costumes that will scare our friends and make a real impact. However, there are some classic monsters, like the ghost and the devil, which still remain popular. Though, these days, vampires and zombies are loved by all (thanks to movies), yet some like dressing up like old princes and princesses or legendary characters. Irrespective of the choices, Halloween is symbolized by monsters, and you cannot enjoy it without being scared.

With no dearth of choices today, since many of our costumes are influenced by villains from movies, we bring the top 10 scariest monsters, recreating their look has never failed on Halloween.
We all are familiar with zombies through movies, books, games, and music. They are a manifestation of corpses that thrive on human flesh; they savor the human brain.

Number one on our charts, since, I feel, there is nothing more scarier than a corpse walking right towards you to eat your brains! They cannot fly or disappear, or have any other magical powers. Zombies are simply the 'living dead'. Those crooked eyes, rotten lips covered with blood and remains of human flesh, I will be surprised if this does not give you goose bumps.

A fairly popular Halloween costume, to achieve the zombie look requires some efforts, but, nonetheless, the end result is scary indeed. While zombies are used as a euphemism in modern times, for many reasons, because our modern lifestyle, we all have turned into zombies in the sense that, we simply exist, but behave like a dead person, devoid of all emotions. Nevertheless, this is scarier than the actual zombies.

Philosophy aside, have fun this Halloween by dressing up like a zombie. But you may have to put in some effort to pull off the perfect spooky face makeup.
Zombie monster
The ancient Egyptians ensured that they scared future generations too. While mummies were for real, since the Egyptians believed in life after death, they preserved the dead by 'mummification', for its afterlife. Imagine, a 'mummy' walking out of its casket after having slept for hundreds of years!

Dressed in bandages and looking for a new life, a mummy can be very scary, especially with its hollow structure and flesh-less skeleton, though, with no eyes, it can still look like it is staring at you. If you're a fan of the 'Mummy' movie series, you know how intriguing they can be!

While, 'mummies' are real, they have been portrayed as monsters in movies. In real-life, they are an object of marvel for archaeologists and those who study the human anatomy. However, for us, inspiration comes by the way of movies, games, and books. Of course, there is ample scope for creativity over here.

Dressing up like a 'mummy' for Halloween can be fun, you could use toilet paper for wrapping, or cut white sheets for bandaging! Yet, I cannot even dare to imagine how the archeologists might feel in the presence of the real ones!
Mummy monster
Werewolves have been a part of folklore and many fantasy novels since long. Do you remember Prof. Lupin from the Harry Potter series and Jacob Black in the Twilight Series? They are humans who turn into a wolf, usually during the full moon. Someone can be born with it, or can be cursed into becoming one.

Typically known for their fighting ability; however, they can be scary with their signature nails like a hound, hair grown like a wolf, with big pointed ears adding to its fury. Also known to be staunch enemies of 'vampires', their real existence is a disputed fact.

Another theory revolving around the werewolves is that they can be killed by the use of silver. They usually hunt and eat; however whether they hunt humans or not, is debatable―different statements in different versions. They might not mean harm in the human form; however, in the werewolf form, they are monsters and may attack.

To dress up like a werewolf, you need the right accessories, i.e., mainly, lots of fur which will give you the hairy look. Well, of course, werewolves do not wax themselves.
Werewolf monster
Our dear, good old 'Witch', (which in my opinion is the first ever monster or evil entity that we are introduced to as kids) has been a part of fairy tales, legends, mythological stories, books, games, and movies. Associated with black magic, using her magical for evil purposes, witches are known for their sinister eyes, pointed nails, and signature hat, occasionally equipped with a flying broom. She is not a monster, but still remains scary, because nothing can terrorize you more than a wrath of a woman―for they're good at seeking vengeance. Save yourself, from her magic wand!

She usually looks like an old hag, yet, you some folktales do have beautiful witches. While in the real world, in some cultures, there are women who practice black magic.

Paint your nails black, get that black magic hat this Halloween! As far as fairy tales are concerned, I wonder why all the witches had only one aim―'to be the most beautiful woman in the world'?
Witch monster
It is an ancient winged demon of Gothic culture, which usually adorns stone structures and buildings. While they are fierce guardians, a look at them will cause you to panic. Yet, they are said to be 'defenders' and look scary to ward off evil.

Famously adorning architectural structures, gargoyles were used to expel drain water and sewage via their mouths. Smart work, I would say! In fact, they are proud testimony to the clever use of esthetics by architects during the old times.

Known for its flaming eyes, sharp nails, and wings, the Oxford dictionary states that the name has been derived from the French word gargouille, meaning 'throat', and the Greek word gargarizein, which means 'to gargle'.

A scary monstrous look for Halloween indeed; however, dressing up like a gargoyle won't be that easy. You'll need to accessorize yourselves with wings and horns.
Gargoyle monster
'Ghost' - this paranoid creature/illusion needs no introduction. There are many who believe in their existence. They are simply souls of the dead, and yet can give you a fright. Unexplained, yet widely researched, deep down in our hearts, we all are scared of this unknown phenomena.

They find mention in movies and books, and though might look scary, many are curious to watch and read ghost stories. Yet, I believe, they impact us psychologically most, than any other monster, because they keeps us on our tenterhooks.

As far as Halloween is concerned, ghosts are our classic monsters since creating a costume is very simple. All you need is a white linen sheet to cover your body, and two holes for your eyes! Other than that, you could simply dress up like a infamous or notorious ghost of the past. After all, we still are vying to know what happens to the departed souls, and there could be nothing more spooky than that!

This one is a very common and easy to dress up Halloween costume, yet remains hugely effective!
Unlike zombies, vampires are dead people who suck on human blood. Scary and devilish, they are usually symbolized by their canines, ready to pierce the human flesh. Vampires usually appear like humans, and start hunting at nighttime.

Whatever they may be, vampires have been central to many books, movies, and television shows alike! (not to mention the video games). Though vampires have been popular through the decades, recently, the 'Twilight' series has once again garnered a new generation of fans. Writers have experimented with vampires a lot, making them fall in love with a human and what not!

It is easy to turn into a vampire―get bitten by one! But if you wish to dress up like a vampire this Halloween, focus on eye makeup. They have dark sullen eyes, and do not blink, and possess an uncontrollable quench for human blood. Their look is usually pale, and remain secretive about themselves; however, mingle with humans during daylight.

Though a mythical character, many are obsessed to know whether they exist or not. Well, bound to happen, with vampires being popular in the entertainment industry!
Vampire monster
Included in the list of monsters, is our very own Halloween symbol, Jack O' Lantern! Tracing back its origin to Ireland, it has now become a part of Halloween culture. According to popular myth, there was an old drunk named Stingy Jack, who had once tricked the Devil somehow, which resulted into the Devil making a promise to him to never take his soul.

After Jack's death, the doors of Heaven would not open for him, because of the sins he committed. Also, he could not enter 'Hell' due to the Devil's promise. Jack was sent back into the dark night, with a burning coal, which he placed in a carved turnip. Later, pumpkins were used for convenience.

You cannot possibly enjoy Halloween, without, our dear Jack! I guess all legendary tales do have a message embedded in them. Of course, this one intending to be honest and not deceive others!
Stingy jack monster
Devils find mention in almost all religions, mostly, said to have an influence on human minds to commit sins. Usually, opposite of 'God', devils are mostly symbolized by horns, and may have a tail. Their eyebrows are raised, and mostly, their eyes speak of their intentions, and in some cases, their skin might be red in color.

Devils are usually an epitome of our darker side, which portrays negative emotions such as treachery, hatred, jealousy, etc. Most of our religions teach us to control our 'devilish' side, and let the good side in us win over it.

To achieve the look of a Devil, horns are not enough, your eyes should say it all, and your smile should be 'devilish'! Else, you'll appear like a joke instead of being scary!
Fiery Devil
It has its origins in a novel by Mary Shelley, where a scientist named Frankenstein creates a monster by assembling parts of dead people. The novel has been adapted into movies and comics, and the monster has become a familiar face. Though the monster was not named in the original book, it has been popularly known as 'Frankenstein'.

Typically, this monster is green in color, has a flat head with hair sticking on it, thick eyebrows, dark circles beneath his eyes, a very strong built, and bolts on his neck. With no one to accept him, he roams hither-thither.

With his grim face, he is a monster created by man; alas, to his dismay, he cannot control him.

To pull off the Frankenstein look, you must essentially concentrate on the 'flat head'. For a couple, the woman could dress up in the 'Bride of Frankenstein' costume!
Frankenstein monster
Though it is a festival where we dress up like a monster, remember the folklore of Jack O' Lantern, and destroy the monsters in your mind! Needless to day, we do have many choices for scary costumes, yet, do mention in the comments section below, which monster, other than those mentioned above, scares you the most!