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Take a Look on These Fantastic Church Valentine Banquet Ideas

Church Valentine Banquet Ideas
Looking for Church banquet ideas for Valentine's day? This article beneath comes with a promise to give you some fantastic ideas.
Medha Godbole
Last Updated: Jan 23, 2018
Like every year, the season of love and the day of love is back. Yes, Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and it is time to make some plans. A valentine banquet is a great way for youngsters to get together, and celebrate the special day. Moreover, if it is held in a church, it gives the event a unique dimension all together.
There are loads of ideas and themes which can be used in the church. It need not be anything too flashy or too elaborate. Simple things can turn out to be fun too. Just to give you an example for starters, the invitations can be small heart shaped cards, red ones!
Small heart shaped cushion fabric
It's A Love Story
Well, it's Valentine's day and you cannot have any celebration or a function without love theme. You can ask all the invitees to be dressed as famous star-crossed lovers in the history of the world. This works well for engaged couples, or youngsters, or singles too. In fact, romance-based films in itself can be one of the banquet ideas. The usual white, red, and pink is another traditional theme. Soft, instrumental music, eternal, and extremely popular love songs can be played.
Friends taking pictures
Friends love each other too, don't they? Having a theme in connection with that can work well too. Primarily any theme which talks about bringing people together, and tries to create everlasting bonds. You can have a theme that emphasizes the traits related to love and friendship.
For designs and decorations, half your job is done when you decide a theme. The theme itself will give you the decorating ideas. The fundamental love theme, for instance, can give you a myriad of decoration options. Undoubtedly so, the decorations will have to include white or red roses or carnations. If it is a movie theme, you can have full size posters of those romantic movies or even decorate with some iconic things depicting love. If you are in a hurry or cannot think of anything, then you can try and decorate with things associated with love. Balloons and streamers are good old decorative items. You can use them, but try to make it a bit different. Have red napkins and flowers in the centerpieces, and heart-shaped tiny cushions all over.
Homemade pies
Valentine's Day food menu can be a simple one, as the guests are primarily going to be youngsters. It is always a better idea than a lavish and sophisticated meal. You can have chili dogs, pizza or pasta, with a Valentine's twist. For instance heart-shaped rolls, with pasta or heart-shaped pizza, accompanied by cupcakes which are heart shaped, or if not, then decorate cupcakes with pink and red for a 'lovey dovey' touch. Have a few people to help around with the food. You can even think of some recipes beforehand and try them out. You can give out special chocolates as party favors to the couples who come in.
There are many more ideas that you can use. All you need is a creative thinking cap. I hope these ideas prove to be useful to celebrate the special day of love in full glory. Have a great Valentine's Day!
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