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Unique 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Unique 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

There is no shortage of unique gift ideas for friends or family members celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary. Browse through the ones mentioned in this article and try them out.
Sujata Iyer
Coming up with unique gifts for a 50th wedding anniversary is something that is both, fun and kind of challenging. 50 years of marriage need to be celebrated with great aplomb. Not everyone lives to see the day and just the fact that they have reached such a great juncture in their lives is already one of the best gifts that they will receive. However, you need to add to their festive mood by giving them some great gifts. Not just regular ones, something different and unique that will stand out among all the other gifts that the couple will receive. This CelebrationJoy article will give you some ideas that you can explore for the same.

Gold Plated Miniatures
Keeping with the 'gold' theme of a 50th anniversary, here's one unique gift that can pass off even as a traditional 50th wedding anniversary gift. Find out what the favorite knick-knacks of the couple are. Then, have a miniature artist replicate them. Now get these miniatures gold plated from a jewelry store or a goldsmith. You can add a personal touch to them by inscribing the names or initials of the couple on the miniatures. Here are a few ides for miniaturizing.
  • Golf Clubs
  • Tea Set
  • Cutlery
  • Motorbike
  • Telephone
  • Lampshade
  • Cigar
Redo their House
This is a good gift idea if your parents are going to be celebrating their golden anniversary soon. Hire a contractor and ask him to refurbish the entire house however your parents want it done. So, on the day of the anniversary, ask him to arrive at your parents' place and tell them what he's there for. Then he can explain his work and any ideas that he may have to them. They'll be delighted to have their home renovated.

Personalized Jigsaw
This is a small but really creative gift. Have a black and white picture of the couple from their wedding day blown up. There are sites which offer to create personalized jigsaw puzzles from photographs. Have this wedding picture delivered to them and have them create a nice jigsaw puzzle using it. You can also add a personally signed message on the photograph so that it appears on the jigsaw as well. Gift it to the couple and have them solve it on the anniversary day!

Offer your Services
This is quite a unique idea, and requires considerable amount of money to be spent over a period of time. Prepare a fancy voucher for the couple. On this voucher, write down something that you are offering to do for them from then on. Some ideas for this are mentioned below.
  • Offer to pay their health insurance amount.
  • Offer to pay off a particular debt that they might have.
  • Get them a membership at a club that they always wanted.
  • Offer to cook for them.
  • Hire a housekeeper for them if they don't have one, and pay his or her salary.
  • Get them a new or improved alarm system and take care of its regular updating and maintenance.
Party from 50 Years Ago
Another fun thing that you can give the couple celebrating their 50th anniversary is a theme party. Locate all the old friends, classmates, colleagues of the couple that you can. Inform them about the party that you're holding for the couple. The theme of the party can be '50 years ago'. Have everyone dress up just like they were when they knew the couple in their younger days. Decorate the place like a scene out of the same era. Play music from the era and watch as all of them enjoy the reminiscing and nostalgia.

These gifts are sure to make the couple happier than they already are. So join them in the grand celebration of their love!
Dancing in karaoke
Alarm System Keypad
cuban cigars
Table lamp
Modern IP Telephone
Vehicle keys in white and red gift box with silver bow
Arab Tea set
Christmas Gift