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Valentine Banquet Themes

6 Awesome Valentine Banquet Themes That Every Couple Will Love

Valentine's day coming up and no Valentine banquet themes to choose from? No need to fret. Read the following article for some of the best ideas that you can get. You'll see.
Rujuta Borkar
Yes, it is romantic for just the two of you to escape to some secret location and have a uber-romantic evening this Valentine's day. And then have it escape way into the night ... but, here's a different kind of fun that you can have this February 14th―host a Valentine banquet party!
Imagine a whole lot of couples and imagine a whole lot of games and you'll see how much fun that can be as well. But a Valentine banquet requires themes, doesn't it? And of those Valentine banquet themes there aren't many that you can think of? Is that all? If it's banquet themes you're looking for, then this CelebrationJoy piece will provide some of the best themes that you can get your hands on. Let's make this Valentine's day a really memorable one, shall we?
Valentine Themes and Ideas
Why stop at the generic themes of hearts and roses? Why not carry the theme forward and foray into some other Valentine banquet ideas? What might some of these be? Continue reading and you'll find out soon enough.
Stupid Cupid
OK so we have to cater to the cherub and follow some romantic ideas for Valentine's day. Follow the love theme and go ahead and do up the whole place with hearts and balloons and red lace and ribbons. If that's what's going to make you feel like it's truly, madly, deeply your perfect valentine, then so be it. You could have a dress code for the couples as well―specify the colors they can wear, like black and white for the guys and red or pink for the girls. You can make it extra special by having some specially made drinks and giving them names like love potion, etc. As the guests start filling in, have them paint a heart onto their cheeks or hands. The things you can do with themes that center around mush and love are just so many!
Under the Sea
Give the whole Valentine's day theme a twist and host a romantic party with an under the sea party theme. Make it as fun as you can. Shell curtains, blue drapes, small water pools that have lights under, and mirrors reflecting the light into the walls above. It goes without saying the kind of menu you will be having there―a sea food special, most definitely?
Mad for Each Other
The day is for the celebration of love, correct? Then let's celebrate it like never before. Have a theme that focuses on some of the most famous couples in history like in films or even the real live ones that left their own love stories behind. Have them wear special Valentine's day outfits of famous couples. To make things more fun, have a contest where each couple comes on stage and does a skit or something similar. The best dressed couple and the one that was really good with the skits, gets a small prize at the end of the party.
Movie Specials
Decorate the entire place with posters and dialogs from famous films. You could have reels of pictures that have romantic pairs or scenes flashing on the screen. That is really your choice. The fun part can be where you hold a quiz or trivia contest, quizzing the pairs on some famous dialogs from films. Another very popular choice is to hold an out-and-out dance party showcasing some of the most romantic love songs for Valentine's day for the couples to groove to.
At the Church
One of the best Valentine banquet themes for church is to have the entire church decorated with candles and flowers. Then carry through the same themes with some games and music. This is a simple and classic theme. It is minimalistic and simple and yet has an air of elegance and class.
Love Games
Which Valentine party would be complete without some Valentine banquet games? None. The fun that ensues when you get to those games is really something else. Think of all the fun couple games that you can and include these.
So, there's a whole lot of fun, a whole lot of activities, a whole lot of dancing, games, and entertainment and of course, a whole lot of love. That is what these banquet themes will bring for you. Take up any of them and have a lovely Valentine's day. As I'm sure you will.
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